The Idea Of One Human Race In The Works Of Anna Quindlen, Eboo Patel And Abraham Lincoln

September 8, 2022 by Essay Writer

After the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001, on the twin towers, it left the world in a state of fear and distrust. In these three speeches, titled “Quilt Of A country” where others should come together as one unit, “Making The Future Better, Together”,when it shows how the generations come together. and “The Gettysburg Address” in which Abraham Lincoln also explains how we have to unite. Anna Quidlen, Eboo Patel, and Abraham Lincoln all summarize how people with their differences can settle and become one human race. Although some people may believe that we cannot live as one human race, Quindlen, Patel, and Lincoln, believe we can live as one human race because we all solve out differences for similar things.

In “A Quilt of a Country,” Anna Quindlen argues that people of diverse backgrounds can live as one human race. According to the author,”̈these are the representatives of a mongrel nation that somehow, at times like this, has one spirit. When it actually works it’s a wonder” ̈(Quindlen 5). This means that Anna Quidlen says that, even though Americans are diverse, they have the will and ethics to do things that at most are possible for their groups. This shows importance because it lets us know that even though people are different we can work together, and we could have a single identity as a nation, representing a person with many ideas. The text directly states that”̈What is the point of this splintered whole?” Also as America has no point in it.(Quindlen 3) This quote is explaining that the different groups that have fisticuffs over one another and means that they divide themselves among others. This quote is important because it explains how America still exist even though groups feud, and when connecting this towards me I can agree that at times I can have a connection with an enemy. Therefore people of diverse backgrounds can live as one because, even though we fight and do not agree at times, in the end we can work together, to complete not as one, but as all.

In “Making the Future Better Together,” Eboo Patel believes we can live as one human race since he points out how America has always believed in diversity. According to the author, he quotes , George Washington when he explains, “The government of the United States gives no bigotry, no sanction, to persecution no assistance.̈In which George Washington is also quoted” It only requires the people whom are protected to demean themselves as good citizens. (Patel 4) This quote illustrates that the U.S does not give attention, to judgment to punishment , and also meaning that, it only needs its people, who it protects to show that they are good citizens. Therefore, this quote shows how it does not matter what ethnicity you are, as long as you obey, or be a good citizen, they will accept you. This can connect to diversity to since everyone if different diversities can come together. Later through Eboo’s quotes George Washington again and shows him saying, If they’re good workmen, they can be of Asian, Africa, or Europe, they may be of Mahometans , Jews or Christians, of any section or maybe Atheist.” Later on saying , “ What matters is that they could build.”(Patel 7) This quote clarifies that it does not matter what ethnicity they are it doesn’t matter on their region, as long as they can do what they or as long as they’re good at what they do, they will be accepted as a person, not a tool. Here, the author reinforces the idea of diversity because it shows that everyone can be equal. Everyone and anything can be of use and it doesn’t matter if their a different ethic, they will still be them and accepted. Therefore, Eboo Patel believes that in America there can be diversity because of how people can be accepted and seen as who they are and not what they are.

In “The Gettysburg Address,” Lincoln suggest that we can live as one human race. According to the author, “Our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” (Lincoln 27). In this quote the author says that when the founding fathers came to the land they dedicated it to the equality of the people. This quote is important because, Abraham Lincoln shows that even though we stand as different people we are all equal, this suggests that our differences can make us come together, as one human race. Additionally, Lincoln mentions, “It is rather for is to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us-that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave their last full measure of devotion” (Lincoln 28). Lincoln is showing that we are all here to work together, to devote the land together, and to honor these dead together. He is showing that we could be the nation to show loyalty to those who have given their last breath for us. This further reinforces the idea of being one human race, because Lincoln knows that we have to be one whole to work together, That the people can do things that a simple person or a separated couldn’t. When concluding we can see, ths what the author, Abraham Lincoln said that we can live as one human race, from being this nation.

To recall, the main idea was to show that this nation, and its people can live as a whole. For the people of this nation to work as one and come together. The three different authors had proposed that the nation can come together as one. The three authors share that same meaning and show that the people have to come together no matter what. How would our nation be if we had never worked together?


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