A Modest Proposal Questions

September 8, 2022 by Essay Writer

1.The initiator perceived that the worst problems in Dublin were the poverty level being very high and that poor children are a burden to their parents because of the cost to take care of them. The issues that trouble him make him appear to be someone who cares about the economic well being of his country but not the well being of the people because he sees poor children as a burden to their families and society. 2.The initiator uses a serious tone to explain his solution and six main methods to try to persuade readers to accept his proposal.

He states his solution would decrease the amount of Roman Catholics, the poor would have some money to pay their landlord, and the economy would grow. He also declares that the parents would no longer have to take care of their child after year one, a new popular food would be created, and there would also be an increase the tenderness of mothers towards their children.

3.Breeder frequently replaces mother in the proposal creating the perception that the initiator sees people as numbers; he doesn’t see people for who they are. 4.The expert is a cannibal, which suggests that the initiator is a cannibal or is exceptive of cannibalism. 5.Being a satire, A Modest Proposal, is an ironic title because the solution the initiator proposes is anything but modest, since he suggests roasting children. Although, the author also makes the initiator’s solution sound ridiculous to create the idea that readers should pity the poor Irish, creating a modest proposal. Being modest is being humble and Swift’s proposal to feel bad for the poor isn’t asking much. 6.a. Some shocking details of life the essay reveals would be that some poor Irish woman are selling themselves to planters in Barbados, Ireland is in a horrible economic situation and that England is oppressing Ireland. b. The previous details cause the reader to feel sympathy for the Irish people in their time of hardship and disregard the proposal of the initiator because he is probably of wealth since his attitude is insensitive.

7. Swift intends for the reader to disregard the proposed solution of the initiator and accept the modest proposal. Swift uses the outlandish remarks of the initiator to create the feeling of sorrow for the Irish people due to their poverty and their struggles with England. 8. The major targets of this satire would be the wealthy and the noblemen because the satire mocks the heartless attitude towards the poor that the rich exude. The Irish are responsible for their sorry situation because Ireland doesn’t export enough goods, which harms their economy and as well as the fact that the Irish sell their goods for more than they are worth, but not many people can afford their high prices. Another way the Irish are accountable for their own plight is because poor people continue to have children that they cannot afford to take care of.

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