Story About One Film

September 8, 2022 by Essay Writer


The system is a process in which people get employed, and the system pay for an employee to work. The employee works gives production, and because of those production there can supply, and the supply is only fulfilled by demand. Money that employee earned creates demand but without money no demand. So, if you work you get paid but if you don’t work you not gone get paid. Money plays an important role in everyone’s life.

Money is equal to comfort, No money no comfort. There are many people who are facing difficult time. For example, unemployment. People without a job are called unemployed. But if a person is unemployed he/she can apply for government aid. Government aid is a program who pay some money to survive for those people who don’t have a job. All people who are employed get paid must pay taxes. And those taxes go to government, by tax money government land some money to people who applied for government aid. This process is called Redistribution. The problem with the system is of unfair debt, trade’s and tax policies. The main problem with the system is that the percentage of taxpayer is decreasing and the percentage of people receiving government aid is increasing. If this process keeps on going then many people will be below the poverty line.

Now a days Internet is a most important technological tool that people use in their day to day life. By accessing to internet, you have many option you can search for anything you can buy most of the stuff online. Online shopping is one of the easy way to shop for many people. And most of the people prefer online shopping over going to a store physically. The reason behind people preferring to shop online is the online stores have different deals going on, and you don’t even have to go out form you home. Internet provide scope of employment. Some of the benefits of Internet are fast buying or selling products, finding proper match, various of option. And the disadvantage is no guarantee of product, receiving different product than expected.

The technology has change over time. And it has change every one’s life. Technology in Food Industry has change too, now people can place there order online and then come and pick it up, now a day’s people don’t have to come and pick it up they can also have food deliver to their door step. Due to this type of technology many of the people got unemployed. Because machine is taking over worker. The world is changing time to time. The value of worker is decreasing and therefore it creates unemployment, and this type of unemployment is called structural unemployment.

In the film, there are many news on job loss. Machines are taking over workers, machine are replacing for many jobs to save time money and labor. This type of unemployment is controllable but the jobs is sinking and economy is getting worst. This is pushing demand creating more profit. Many people prefer two part-time job over one full-time job to earn more money and this is one of the reason why the unemployment rate is not rising.

Technology change the world day by day. Machines are taking over workers. A machine saves time and money and they have a higher productive rate. The growth of technology won’t stop for any one. Now a day’s we can see a car which can drive without a driver. A restaurant can be operated without waiters. Technology is destroying many job in our surroundings. The unemployment rate is rising by time to time. The amount of work and worker is shrinking and this leads to our economy is getting worst.

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