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  • 1 Introduction
    • 1.1 Childhood and Early Life
  • 2 Theatrical Beginning
    • 2.1 Career
    • 2.2 Stint at Poetry
  • 3 His Work and Style
  • 4 William Shakespeare
    • 4.1 Personal Life and Legacy
  • 5 William Shakespeare
    • 5.1 Analysis


It is universally agreed that literature without the participation of Shakespeare is that owning a river without water.

Despite the fact that literature would still be associated with some beauty and admiration without him, a careful examination would however, reveal that this beauty would be lifeless.

William Shakespeare remains to be the global utmost Writer and playwright in accordance to the English dialectal and has been associated with the honor of being the most superior England poet (Bayard 1).

Childhood and Early Life

William Shakespeare was the son of Mary and John Shakespeare. Despite the fact that he real birth date is not established it is conventionally observed on the 23rd of April, 1564.

Per the accounts acquired from church he was baptized back on the 26th of April back in 1564.

He was the eldest boy and the third born in a family of eight siblings. Shakespeare’s comprehensive childhood and his education background is unknown.

However, based on speculations, it is said that he attended King’s New School which is in Stratford an institution where he acquired reading and writing skills (Folger 1).

Theatrical Beginning

Before the known records which shows the start of Shakespeare dramatic career, there is a rather strange period of approximately seven years from 1585 up to 1592 which is not well understood.

It is however speculated by some that he was engaged in poaching while others state that he was operating as a schoolmaster’s assistant.

Based on performances records it is shown that his authoring career commenced in 1592 on a London based stage (Lee 6).

Despite the intensifying critics based on the lack of knowledge on his education his career rose with intensifying challenges but at the point his pieces and name had grown to be a major success a thing that would never be derived from him (Lee 6).

His career graph began to demonstrate some form of prosperous development when approaching the 16th and 17th century where out of the authored 37 plays 15 had already been performed and published which offered him a reputation and financial growth (Lee 6).

He later become an entrepreneur after he started to purchase real estate on the terms of lease. It was through the investments and the financial gains that offered him more comfort and time to focus on writing.


William Shakespeare is the author of thirty eight plays and about a hundred and fifty four sonnets, the work that was highly appreciated globally after the end of his living.

Plays and poems authored by Shakespeare have been translated to almost any other prime language and have been executed extensively as compared to all those authored by others.

It is rather interesting to note that the authority held by this utmost contour of the inexhaustible poet and writer intensified after his death (Schuessler 1).

There lacks considerable information in regard to his education, life , death and so on and therefore critics doubts that he is the actual author of these superior pieces most perceiving that the work might have been the performance of another individual (Schuessler 1).

Across the literature career, Shakespeare as the literacy genius addressed different playwriting genres which includes history, tragedy, love, and comedy.

This demonstrated the diversity that he held in his literacy career.

He is still deemed as a respected writer and poet, but it was not until the 19th century when his undoubtable desirable status rose rapidly (Toibin 1).

While most believe that Romance was his superior authoring genre, he was well-regarded by Victorians.

Even in the modernized and technological based 21st century, Shakespeare’s pieces are still being applied in literature studies as well as being performed in differing cultures.

It cannot be doubted that he is still the most cherished and prodigious contributor to the global literature.

Stint at Poetry

With the occurrence of plague, theatres were closed amid 1593 and 1594 which resulted to Shakespeare trying a poetry writing venture.

During this period he created two major poems titled ‘Venus and Adonis’ and ‘The Rape of Lucrece’ (National Endowment for Arts 1).

The poems simultaneously acquired much popularity and were printed on repeated mode. He continued with poetry where he mainly tried to address issues related to romanticism.

In the year 1609 he developed a poem by the title Sonnet which is still accounted to be an impressing piece but it was the last piece in the poetry field which acquired publication.

Within the poem there were approximately 154 sonnets but the authoring period is still doubted by many (National Endowment for Arts 1).

His Work and Style

In reference to the writing style that was applied by Shakespeare, he is considered to be an innovative and creative writer.

He mainly embraced convention and traditional styles in his differentiated strategies where he incorporated rhetorical and metaphor based phrases.

He however, he did not in often cases align to the characters or the plot of any given story.

Most of his poems and plays are characterized by the existence of musical patterns that are made of unrhymed lines (Potter 7).

Further, there some phrases that deviate from the common styles and utilizes poetry and prose forms.

In reference to poetry, Shakespeare was more involved in love and tragedy but his career began by addressing issues related to history.

He was a versatile poet however, where in most cases attempted to address different genres in broad concepts.

William Shakespeare

Personal Life and Legacy

Shakespeare had a rather strange life, his sexuality beside education is one of the aspect that is highly debated where most individuals speculate that he was bisexual.

Based on the conventional nature of his period Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway when he was only 18 and she was 26 years where they acquired three children (Simon 1).

After his death however, several monuments and statues have been erected in his respect globally. It is said that he died on the 23rd of April a similar date with his birth but this is not based on evidence but speculation (FP 1).

William Shakespeare


If Shakespeare were a beverage, he would probably be a cocktail drink, which is popularly established as a healthy drink made from fresh fruits.

He would be the health beverage option in addressing the existing societal issues. He would not just generate health wellness but inner peace. For instance in his poem ‘’My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun’’ and ‘’Sonnets’’ he does not only attempt to address love and relationship issues but he sounds like a mixture full of taste.

Given that he is still deemed as the most innovative and diverse writer the cocktail drink suits the diversity of his literacy career.

In ‘’Venus and Adonis’’ and ‘’The Rape of Lucrece’’ the uniqueness and the creativity of his poetry is well demonstrated which is reflective of his cocktail characteristics.

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