How to Realize Our Goals on the Example of the Character Andy Dufresne from the Novel “Rita Hayworth” by Stephen King

December 1, 2021 by Essay Writer

In the current world, I have often heard that Greatness Requires Internal Toughness (GRIT). GRIT is not something one comes by, and strength in the face of hardships can leave one impaired to exercise toughness. Difficulties and emotional turbulence notwithstanding, the inner character is developed by resilience and passion for continuing holding on even in the face of defeat. This is often fueled by the power of hope to endure difficulties. Some of the challenges may come in different shades and forms; it may be betrayal from a lover, a sudden twist in fortune or anything. When this happens typically, people can grow myopic and lose hope. However, inner resolve and calmness can be of great help in overcoming whichever challenges may come in the journey of life.

This essay explores the characters in Andy Dufresne that make him triumph in the face of difficulty, as depicted in the novel by Stephen King, Rita Hayworth, and Shawshank Redemption, and all people in the world can apply that.Andy has unmatched resilience in the face of difficulty. Despite being implicated in the killing of his wife, Andy maintains his calmness even in the courtroom and carries on his sentence with hope. His resilience is captured in the thoughts of Red, “Never mind the wreck of your whole life, never mind that you got railroaded into this place by a whole trainload of bad luck. Let’s forget all that and look at this piece of concrete (King 147). It is this unwavering determination that makes him see past his unfortunate circumstances and find what he craves for – freedom. Thus, resilience is an essential component for one to overcome any difficulties they may face and achieve their goals.

Andy has a high sense of self-worth. In prison, Red describes Andy as a man who maintained his sense of self-worth through his dignified appearance. Red describes Andy as follows“ He wore gold-rimmed spectacles. His fingernails were always clipped, and they were always clean. That’s a funny thing to remember about a man, I suppose, but it seems to sum Andy up for me. He always looked as if he should have been wearing a tie.” (King 8) This dignified appearance is maintained even when he is in prison. He does not let the low prison life to beat his sense of self-worth from him; it is for this reason that he gains respect from his fellow inmates and wardens. Thus, a great understanding of who one is, regardless of the change of circumstances can help individuals to realize what they want in life.Andy is a schemer. When Andy lands into prison, knowing that his chances at freedom are sealed, he devises a way that would eventually lead him to freedom. “He was the type of man who, if he had decided to commit suicide, would do it without leaving a note but not until his affairs had been put neatly in order” (King 14). It is for this reason that he borrowed a jackhammer and a poster with which he worked on for years in his prison cell without getting noticed.

To achieve one’s goals one must do careful planning of the future to realize those goals.In my life, I have applied resilience on different occasions. In my studies, I have had to work at times hard on some subjects which I am not highly gifted in. The result of continuous hard work even in the face of failure has seen me improve in those subjects. It has enabled me to continue with my studies up to this level. I will continuously work hard to achieve the best of my dreams despite setbacks as resilience keeps me closer to achieving my goals.Besides, a great sense of self-worth has made me maintain high self-esteem even in the face of failure. The knowledge of who I am has helped me to keep off from destructive behavior such as drug abuse, and from engaging in illicit sexual behavior even when my friends take it as an ordinary thing. The more I have grown to value my opinions, and the more my peers have come to respect me. Also, my parents trust me whenever I ask to go out with my friends because they believe I know who I am. Therefore, self-worth not only helps one to achieve their goals but also to have healthy relationships.Further, I have come to learn the power of setting realistic dreams. This has been partly being a schemer as I can manage my time well and meet my expectations. For instance, I have placed a schedule of what I read every day, the time I spend with friends. This has helped me to avoid wasting my time in unfruitful activities. I have also come to know who to interact with, and whose company to avoid. Collectively, these traits have helped me to live a more productive life.

In conclusion, the characters demonstrated by Andy can help every person to realize their goals. Resilience in the face of hardships and disappointment helps one to endure the setbacks that come in life. On the other hand, a high sense of self-worth makes one earn respect as they know what they want in life. Lastly, being a schemer helps one to be strategic and device creative ways of overcoming obstacles as demonstrated in the life of Andy.

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