Depiction Of Refugees’ Struggles In Inside Out And Back Again By Thanhha Lai

December 2, 2021 by Essay Writer

The universal refugee experience of fleeing and finding homes was very difficult for refugees. A refugee can be anybody that is forced to flee their homes due to conflicts, wars and more. In the novel “Inside Out and Back Again” by Thanhha Lai tells readers how refugees struggle during their daily life. The main character of the story is a 10-year-old girl named ha.

Ha and her family lived in between the Vietnam War. Ha Is rebellious and pushes some boundaries but always has a family on her side. Ha is very optimistic by hoping that the war will end or move away from danger. When things get out of hand ha’s mother decides that their family must flee to America and find freedom. Ha and her family had to deal with sadness and loss of other refugee families. Ha also dealt with changing her lifestyle which is inside out when leaving Saigon, then shifted back when finding a new home in Alabama, but will never be the same as her old home.

The lives of refugees turn inside out when losing their home or family members and trying to adapt to their new environment. Refugees come from a country at war, which means that many families had to deal with the loss of a family member. In the article “Refugee Children Of Canada” Says that “some have lost so many family members of their families and many have lost everything that was familiar to them.” Losing loved ones and having things that are taken away from you could really turn your life inside out especially if you have nobody to lean on. When refugees start to lose family members, they start to think there’s no meaning in life. In the text “Children Of War” Amelia said “Before the war I really enjoy life. But after I found out about my father’s death, everything seems so useless I couldn’t see any for my future.” Knowing you lost a loved one at the wrong time could really change your whole mood and perspective. In the book “Inside Out and Back Again” Ha was living without her father for 10 years. She always thought that he will come back, this changed when ha found out that her father was dead. Page 250 says “ your father is truly gone.” This changed ha’s life before she even got to meet him. Ha had to adjust towards the news, meanwhile, ha felt like her life was flipped inside out. There are many ways that refugee lives could be flipped inside out.

Refugees are used to being at the place where everybody culture is pretty much the same. When refugees began to reset their lifestyle, surroundings and other things impact their lives. It’s heart-wrenching adjust towards a new environment with more than one culture and really none of yours. In the text “Refugee Children In Canada,” it says “perhaps the greatest threat to children is not the stress of belonging to two cultures but the trailer belonging to none.” Once refugees are in a different environment they have to adapt towards it. It could be very difficult for some people during this event. In the novel, Ha was thinkin “No one would believe me at times I would choose wartime in Saigon over peacetime in Alabama.” Ha is feeling like she doesn’t belong in America because she doesn’t know anything about America and doesn’t fit in. Page 142 says “I am the only straight black hair and olive skin.” Ha does not know where she fits in her school. Page 143 Ha says “On one side of the bright, noisy room, light skin. On the other side, dark skin. Both laughing, chewing as if I never occurred to them, someone medium would show up.” This identity as not belonging to your environment and it would take time to fit in. Refugees have a very difficult time in general because of losing family and plus not fitting in.

Many people around the world have to leave behind things that they only knew for their own safety. Refugees faces all kinds of challenges when fleeing and finding homes and during their sad and heartbreaking journey. In all there are many challenges when living a refugee daily life.

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