Wings of Fire: The Poison Jungle by Tui T. Sutherland: Worldbuilding and Characterisation

September 23, 2021 by Essay Writer

This book that I read for the book report is called Wings of Fire: The Poison Jungle. The author of the book is Tui T. Sutherland. The main idea of the story is that there is a dragon named Sundew who goes through an adventure of the continent Pantala. Sundew’s kind/tribe is in danger from the Queen of Pantala: Queen Wasp. Sundew searches the continent to find the breath of evil to stop Queen Wasp and her army from destroying the remaining of Sundew’s tribe. After reading this book, I’m amazed by how detailed and specific the story was. The author made every character a part of the book. There were many twists and turns. Many parts of the book involved Sundew working with others to find the breath of evil. There were also many characters that were very interesting.

The setting in the book was on a continent named Pantala. A dragon shaped continent that is the living space of three kinds of dragons: SilkWings, HiveWings, and LeafWings. On the continent, there are 9 hives. Hives are tall, huge skyscraper-like buildings that house thousands of dragons. In this book, it mainly sets at the Poison Jungle, where the LeafWings live after the Tree Wars that have wiped out half of them nearly fifty years ago. In the Poison Jungle, there are carnivorous dragon-eating plants. The venus dragon plant, pitcher plant, etc. Those dragon hungry plants are dangerous and can kill a dragon in an instant.

The setting and the plot/theme are very much related because the plot in the novel/book is mainly in the Poison Jungle. The plot is mostly about the LeafWings that live in the Poison Jungle. This setting is significant because it is the foundation and structure of the plot and the theme. In some parts or sections in the book, the setting does change. The changes in the setting is not that important because whenever the setting changes, it is just to find someone or retrieve an item.

The main character of this book is a dragon named Sundew. Sundew is a LeafWing. Sundew has green and brown scales with wings shaped like leaves. Her abilities are that she can absorb energy from sunlight, and that she can talk to plants which is called leafspeak. She is also an accomplished gardener. One personality trait that Sundew has is that she is demanding. On page 49, paragraph 2, it states,” ‘Well, they SHOULD,’ Sundew said. ‘ I’ve told them a MILLION times to stay out of here,’ “(Sutherland). This quote shows that Sundew is demanding because she demanded many other dragons to stay out of the place where Sundew is at.

Another personality trait that Sundew has is that she is not scared of anything. In chapter 14, Sundew and her friends venture deep through the poison jungle. In one part of the jungle, they encounter many dragonbite vipers. When they stopped to look around, Sundew was not scared of the vipers and stepped closer to kill one. This shows that Sundew is not scared of anything because Sundew stayed calm during the encounter of the vipers and stepped closer to one to kill it.


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