What America Means To You: Education, Rights, And Equality

June 6, 2021 by Essay Writer

Have you ever disliked school? I believe education is an essential factor in America along with our rights and equality. Education assists us to do our daily life activities in the most reliable way we can. Our rights and equality are vital because equality apprises everyone that we are all equal likewise, our rights are our connotation that we can do things freely. America is transcendent for various reasons, but education, rights, and equality are things that mostly stick out to me.

First, education is crucial to America because we need education to understand the importance of life. The most important elements in life are health, family, friends, purpose, and peace. Everyone has a purpose in life no matter what other people think. Some people have the mindset that education isn’t significant, and others think that getting a greater picture and never giving up is more essential. You still have to educate yourself on the picture you see.

Secondly, rights are necessary, likewise, they encourage freedom of speech. If we have an opinion something then our freedom of speech gives us the right to speak it. In addition to that, people additionally give us the privilege to practice personal religions or none at all. Humans have the right to register for the military and to apply for any job no matter what race or gender. Some people think that rights are imposed on us, but according to my research, our rights are voluntary.

The final reason is equality, which is important because it states all people are designed equal. All women and men have the right to choose whatever job they desire no matter what race or ethnicity they are. Anyone should be able to fulfill their personal aspirations. Women also have the right to vote now in America which is a big deal. Some people think that equality isn’t fair because of how much somebody gets paid for doing a job. We should feel privileged to be able to apply for an identical job.

As you can see, America has many wonderful qualities. Education, rights, and equality are the ones I believe are most critical. Education prepares us for life. Our rights give us the freedom to believe whatever we want. Finally, equality gives everyone the chance to have the same opportunities in life. Even though America has many flaws, we should always be thinking about the good side of things.

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