Views of American Muslims on Democracy Proposal

May 10, 2022 by Essay Writer

Democracy is an issue that has raised controversies in many parts of the world, including the United States. Some individuals support democratic ideals while others are of the view that democracy is the tyranny of the multitude because it does not represent the interests of the majority in society. In fact, some observe that justice should always be sought instead of democracy.

May American Muslims are believed to the non-sympathizers of democracy, but modern studies show that they support democracy. Democracy allows the most individual or group to rule. In the United States, Muslims are also involved in the management of parties. Others engage in activism since they believe that human rights are sought through lobbying, but not other means such as terrorism.

Research Question

To what extent do American Muslims participate in the affairs of political parties and interest groups?


American Muslims participate in the affairs of the political parties and pressure groups because they believe in democracy.


Quantitative research is a kind of study that utilizes figures to arrive at certain conclusions. In this regard, the research would take the form of a survey whereby the researcher identifies the sample population and posts questionnaires to them. In this research, there would be need to compare the relationship between variables in order to establish the cause and effect

The researcher is interested in knowing how different independent variables would have an effect on the perception of Americans on Muslims (dependent variables). This would demand for a method that would be objective and able statistically to generalize the findings. Quantitative method is the most appropriate method to use in this research.

Quantitative research involves systematic empirical study of a phenomenon by use of statistical tools. Its main objective is always to employ mathematical theories and models in developing its generalization. Therefore, quantitative method would help in this research. It would enable the researcher to test the hypotheses put forth for validity and allow the use of a sample as a representation of the entire population.

It would help the researcher to determine the perception of Americans on Muslims. Moreover, the method would help determine the views of Muslims on democracy. The quantitative method would also help in knowing if there is any relationship between democracy and equality.

Primary data for this research would be collected from various Muslims and Americans in the United States. The data would be collected with the help of the questionnaire. The scope of data collection would be limited to the two categories. This is because of the time available for the research.

Because most Muslims and Americans are United States nationals, they are clearly expected to understand the social structure of the American society. In this regard, they would be in a position to respond appropriately to questions regarding the society in the United States.

The research would be done conducted with a sample representing the entire population. From this sample, the researcher would generate data by formulating questions, which would further generate desired answers.

To shed light on this research, a hypothesis was developed to create a vision of the research. The research question was meant to generate an answer that would either confirm or reject the hypothesis. The questionnaire was designed to reflect this requirement.

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