“Tuesday’s with Morrie” by Mitch Albom

December 29, 2020 by Essay Writer

Tuesday’s with Morrie book has changed my perspective of looking, thinking, and understand the concept of life. This book has inspired many people, and now it has educated me with the lessons of life. In the book, the author Mitch talks about how he would keep in touch with the professor Morrie, and how he lost contact (Albom, 2007, p.14).

Sometimes, I do wonder that I have different professor for my classes in college. I get attached to the professor, and suddenly another semester I have a new professor. I wish I could keep in touch with all, life goes on and everyone gets busy. When I moved to United States two and half years ago, I have lost contact now of my high school teachers, friends, and also some of my family members. This event made me realize that how busy I have become in my daily routine that I do not contact my family members often. I am raised by my parents, I only meet my grandparents during festivals. My cousins share a good bond with my grandparents. I remember when my grandfather was in his last stage, he was in hospital for about twenty days and I use to go see him every day during his time there.

As Morrie said, There are some mornings when I cry and cry and mourn for myself (Albom, 2007, p.21). However, in a similar way I remember how I use to cry when my grandfather was in hospital and just praying god to let him live more. It was a tough situation for the family. I may be dying, but I am surrounded by loving, caring souls. How many people can say that? (Albom, 2007, p.36). I have learned from this book and I am unhappy in many ways. I have realized from Morrie, that how patience is important, and living each day as if it was your last. When Morrie was diagnosed with ALS, doctor showed him to count numbers when inhaled air (Albom, 2007, p.37). When Morrie knew he was dying, he focused more on people around him instead of the fact dying (Albom, 2007). Because of Morrie, it reminded me how living every day and waking up in the morning with a new opportunity is a blessing for us. We as humans tend to forget about the little things that are important. When my grandfather was in the hospital, he was diagnosed with kidney disease. He was happy being surrounded by whole family, and everyone taking care of him. Morrie was meeting Mitch every Tuesday, and all the lessons they shared were deeply connected to life (Albom, 2007, p.45). I feel like keeping this book forever and find solutions when I am in a tough situation. I believe that Morrie had knowledge of every event that occurs in one’s life. Morrie’s health was getting worse every day, the point came where he could only speak. But all he wanted was to educate people about life. Morrie talked about the death during fourth Tuesday with Mitch (Albom, 2007, p.81). He talked a lot about death, and how we look at death from that place.

My grandfather death was shocking for us because he has been healthy all his life, he was walking, talking, and he was 70yrs when he died. After reading this book, I contact my grandmother very often, she is sick, and I am hoping to see her in summer 2019. According to Morrie, once you learn how to die, you learn how to live. (Albom, 2007, p.82). For eleventh Tuesday Morrie talked about our culture, (Albom, 2007, p.152). He said that people get threatened when they are mean, and this is what our culture does to people. Even though you have a job, or money you still think about losing it and you become selfish. Morrie explained Mitch that you can build your own subculture by not breaking rules of community but changing the way of thinking. We have to appreciate things around us. I am from a culture where there are so many rules and values we have to follow. I learned from this book, that I can choose myself what we value (Albom, 2007, p.155).

Moreover, I believe most of them does not think about dying and death until they have experienced an event that is close to death. I am one of them, but this book has changed my vision. Growing up, I knew that death is sudden, you never know if you will wake up tomorrow or not. I am going to suggest all the people whom I know is close to death, to read this book. It motivates a person that every stage is a lesson to learn from life. To conclude, Tuesday’s with Morrie has changed my view about the life. It showed me how to value little things and love each other. I am planning to contact my friends, family, and teachers to ask them about their health and try to be in touch. This book has given me so much information, that I am happy to share with others. I will look at my shoulder and as if there is a little bird sitting, I will ask myself if I am satisfied with what I am doing or not. I believe Morrie’s wish came true, when he wanted people to listen his lessons on life.

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