The Topic Of Sexism In The Book The Other Wes Moore

December 24, 2021 by Essay Writer

The other Wes Moore is a story of two men who happen to have a same name but live very different life. They faced almost similar difficulties in their youth but went down different paths. While the author grew up to achieve great things in life, Wes Moore chose a path of drugs and violence which led him to commit a murder spending every day of the rest of his life in prison. Raised in fatherless home, both had a impact from their father’s absence. The author had a emotional impact as lose him in his young age where as the other Wes Moore was bitter about his father’s absence from his life. For both of them, their mother was the most important figure in their life. Their mother did their best to provide them with every opportunity to improve their life and get on the path of success. Though the book heavily discusses identity, gun violence, drug abuse and other significant issues, sexism also plays an immense portrayal.

Sexism is a discrimination based on person’s sex or gender. It mostly affects women and girls. It is a belief one gender is superior to another. Sexism is a social issue because of the unequal rights, and privilege between men and women. Wes Moore’s The other Wes Moore: one name , two fates, illustrates sexism by exploring domestic violence, single parent household, abandonment and multiple sexual relationships in order to raise social awareness.

Domestic violence is defined as one person using any means to control the other person. Women are most of time victims of abuse as the society is solely male dominated. Sometimes women are powerlessThe Other Wes Moore: One name, two fates features a great deal of violence. The author’s step father was abusive towards his mother. Bill and the author’s mother (Mary) had an unhappy marriage. Bill was addicted to alcohol and drugs. One night, Bill grabbed her by her hair and hit her. Within a month, she and Nikki left him. According to Anita Raj, author of the ‘Public health impact of marital violence against women in India.’ and expert in psychology, a research done in December 2019, eight percent of ever married women were kicked, dragged or beaten by their husband in India. But domestic violence takes various forms. It is not only a physical abuse but psychological, sexual or economic abuse as well. It can severely affect the victim. One in four women will experience domestic violence in their life time. Some victims are powerless to fight against it. Domestic violence is taking place at every part of the world. It is one of the most serious public health and criminal justices issues women face in today’s life.

Sexism can not only be described as domestic violence. Single parenthood is also a sexism. Single parent could be a men or a women who lives with a child or children. They doesn’t have a spouse or live-in partner. The book, The other Wes Moore is also a story of a single mother who sacrificed their dreams and did their best to provide them with every opportunity. Bernard (other Wes’s father) gets her mother pregnant after few months of meeting and disappeared. He was an alcoholic and had no stable job. Mary raised Wes and his older half brother on her own. She attended college- part time to fulfill her dreams but the federal funding supporting Mary’s tution was canceled and she went to work full-time. The author was also raised by single mother but had her parents to support her. His mother could remove Wes from dangerous due to family resources but the other Wes’s mother couldnot change Wes because she had no other resources. She was all on her own. Had she a husband the other Wes future would have been different.


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