The Story Of Max In Freak The Mighty

January 23, 2023 by Essay Writer

Max changed in so many ways from the beginning of the book, to the end, but probably the biggest area in growth was intelligently. Max barely even knew how to read. That was until Freak came along and tutored him, in so many categories from a to z. All that dedication proved worthy, because on the last page (page 160) Max writes down this “So I wrote the unvanquished truth stuff down and then kept on going, for months and months until it was spring again”, this shows that Max has grown from not being able to distinguish words, to writing the story I am currently writing about. Along with that Max also managed to get out of learning disability classes on (page 75) it reads “the next morning she signs the papers, and when we get to school the first day, Freak helps me find my name on the ist and it’s true, we’re in all the same classes.. This is how Max grew intelligently. Still being said, Max changed in so many other ways than just academically, here is how it happend.

Another way Max grew in Freak the Mighty was confidentially. Near the beginning of the book, Max lissend to everything people said about him, and just let it sink into him, and get him down. I think that not only lowered his self esteem, but also his confidence. In fact he used to refer to himself as a “butthead” all throughout the book. He was also a very wimpy kid, but little did we know that would all change. On (page 31) Max says “Hearing how little tiny Freak is dissing the fearsome Tony D., alias Blade I can’t help it, I laugh out loud. Tony D. is looking up at me and he’s showing his white teeth, I swear they’ve been sharpened to look like vampire teeth, and I go, “Uh-oh, and start to get real cold inside. Real icy, because I can see that Blade is trying to make up his mind, is he going to fight me, or is he just going to kill me quick”. This shows that Max was scared to confront anyone but that would change, because on (page 33) Max says this “Freak keeps on shouting out the names of chemicals and elements, until the last spark dies in that scummy pond and the crowd cheers and then everybody tries to leave at once, like a bunch of morons”. This shows that Max is opening up to confrontation and that he’s more confident. This is how Max grew confidentiality in Freak the Mighty.

The beginning of the book was a very dull part for not only Max but the reader, but little did we know that this would all change, later on. Max literally would take the blame for anyone and not talk to anyone. All he would go was the basement known as the down under and barely come up, or talk to anyone. It was until Max got invited to supper with Kevin’s family on (page 23) it reads like this “Gram is saying, “She said she especially wanted me to tell you this, Max she said she’s delighted that you and Kevin are going to be friends. That’s the word she used delighted. No shes inviting you to supper.” He was so happy he literally cried out of joy. After that Max would finally socialize and talk to people. He learned how to become a normal human being, and that set him apart from his father. This is how Max grew in the social compartment in Freak the Mighty.

In conclusion all of these points lead up to the fact that Max grew in the story. At the end Max was a new person, he was reborn. Max grew in many other ways but these were the best ones that stood out to me. I hope I have changed your point of view on Max, then how he would be stereotypically labeled. To sum it all up this is how Max changed throughout the book Freak the Mighty. 


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