The Psychology of The President

August 20, 2021 by Essay Writer

There is a list with 45 names on it and if you are on the list like Obama and trump then that means appear to the most powerful person in world. Evaluating these two presidencies is a bit hard because President Trump only has 2 years in office and Obama had 2 terms, which is 8 years. Scholars have come to the conclusion that understanding the office of the presidency is not easy task and it’s a complex position to for any individual to be in.

Moreover, when two presidents who are incomprehensibly unique from multiple points of view, for example, Barack Obama and Donald Trump who are voted on my the people to lead, the behavior between the two uncovers changes inside the country, the legislation, the states, the position they take and most importantly the political time and climate they used to be president.

To further understand what this means look at it from a psychological point of view, in the article The Psychology of The President by James David Barber as describe by Michael Nelson. Nelson ultimately discusses presidential character by stating there are four types of presidential psychology: Active Positive, Passive Positive, Active Negative and lastly Passive Negative.

This means what when that framers were thinking of our Republic they made charter important to those writing in the Constitution. In the case of former president Obama he was ‘Active Passive’. According to Nelson ”these are the healthy people whose high-self esteem allows them to enjoy what they do, work hard at it and so on.” (Nelson, Michael pg. 174). Which is what Obama was calm, mellow, collective, unemotional he poked fun at himself at the White House corresponded dinner. Trump on the other hand is ‘Passive Negative’ which according, to Nelson, are ones “we should worry about, these are power seekers who compulsively devote all their energy to the job.”(Nelson, Michael pg. 174). Meaning they are dangerous because will persist in error that would lose their sense of control like going on Twitter and starting calling people names like president Obama the “is the worst president in U.S. history!”(Donald Trump, @realDonalTrump, Jul 18, 5:15 am, tweet) Or calling Mitt Romney “One of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of Republican Politics”(Donald Trump, @realDonalTrump, Nov 10, 8:23 am, tweet) also, about president Bill Clinton “the WORST abuser of women in U.S. political history”(Donald Trump, @realDonalTrump, Dec 12, 4:30 pm, tweet) Trump is such a power seeker he will Tweet anything to anyone no matter what. Something we haven’t seen in the history of our country.

Numerous individuals have condemned the president for this conduct since it appears to be unprofessional, unpresidential, inappropriate and immoral to position and he appears to society as to deal with a circumstance or issues. Nelson can show the contrasts between these presidents, Obama was significantly more strategic, quiet and appealing while Trump is forceful, controlling and trusting himself to be dependable regardless of actualities.

Furthermore, at the start of their respectively presidential term both Obama and Trump had their party majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate, this meant passing legislation was easier for both. Paul Quirk would argue different and say that strategic competition is more noticeable during the Obama era then with the Trump Presidency.

Paul J Quirk, describes The Goldilocks theory as, “the president time, energy and talent and thus his capacity for direct, personal competence, are scarce resources. Choices must be made concerning what things a president will attempt to know. Delegation is necessary.” (Quirk, Paul pg. 136). This is best seen when then President Obama administration took two years to pass the Affordable Care Act (ACA), because healthcare is not a fundamental right in this country, which is sad! In the Senate he faced a lot of problems because after the 2008 election Democrats only had 57 seats to 41 and 2 independent votes; one from Joe Liberman and Bernie Sanders. Things also were difficult when the great Ted Kennedy died in 2009, which gave Democrats 59 seats, still one short of 60 for the filibuster. Now the House had a different problem because a lot of the representatives are from places where their constituents are very conservative and they have a low number of voter turnout. That is why one republican voted “Yes” in November 7, 2009 and 39 Democrats voted “NO”.

The person responsible for helping president Obama build a lot of momentum and get the right parties involved was Rahm Emanuel, who had been dealing healthcare initiatives since the Clinton administration. If there was anyone that can everyone on the same page it was Emanuel by making backdoor deals with different representatives to vote “yes” on the Affordable Care Act. After a lot of backdoor deals and a myriad of rewrites, the bill was passed by March 21, 2010 by a 219- 212 vote. The bill passed the House with no Republican support and with 34 Democrats who voted against it. On March 23, 2010 President Obama signed the legislation and now years later the person in the White House is trying to get rid of it again and again. ACA has gone through a series of twists and turns and back door deals. The Obama administration was super effective in passing ACA. Despite all the opposition at the time the Democratic majority allowed him to pass legislation easier he demonstrated himself to be a taking part in the Goldilocks theory by delegating to members of his cabinet and legislation.

In contrast with the Obama administration when Trump passed the tax cuts the Republican Party was a majority in the Senate, and they were a majority in the House. They didn’t have a problem passing the bill because there was no debate, no a cross the aisle talks, no back door deals, no thing. The measure was passed on a purely partisan basis, not one democrat voted for the bill. Some policy experts say that tax cuts will add more deficits to the United States.

The Trump tax cuts are not Trump’s if anything he just signed it and had a big party in the Rose Garden. Then, the Speaker of he House Paul Ryan, was the master mind of the tax cuts just like Rahm Emanuel was the master mind for the Affordable Care Act. This is how Nelson can show the contrasts between these presidents, Obama was significantly more strategic, quiet and appealing while Trump is forceful, controlling and trusting himself to be dependable regardless of actualities. Obama had a more traditional approach that showed he had control of his administration and position while Trump fights with everyone and is faced with opposition and has adopted much more populist approach forcing control over his administration.

Lastly, when it comes to political time and political climate, Stephen Skowronek argues that presidential power should be looked at over time rotation of political time connects presidents past and present at parallel moments of potential for power. If correct, this suggests that the presidents are at least partly just the beneficiaries or the victims of their particular moment in time. Skowronek saw Obama as an opposition leader trying to see how weak and replaceable the reigning was. Obama was more like the future of the country and Trump is more like lets take the country back and make it great again.

The massage trump send is more like old regime and no sudden change and lets not look ahead. Obama ideas were he tried to convince the nation to stop thinking about political transformation and past ideologies. He wanted a more secular practical approach to government. Trump on the other hand had more like a jacksonian idea of politics. The idea that we have to make ‘American great again’, ‘drain the swamp’, and ‘I am new to politics the greatest business person ever’. (Skowronek, Stephen Pg. 81) furthermore, the 20th century Progressives truly tightened up the administration the feeling that they imagined each president as a transformative pioneer. So they founded essential races, which gave us these eccentric presidential gatherings not under obligation to any system. Rather, they are close to home associations, which feed this, thought of transformational initiative. And yet, the Progressives revamped the administration to make this gigantic administration device we call the official office of the president. So now we additionally anticipate that the president should be a discerning organizer of foundations and activities all through this enormous central government.

As result of the 3 articles we see how President Donald Trump and President Barack Obama, used political time and political climate in their favorite. Also, the psychological point of view this two have is very different from each other Obama was Active Possitive and Trump was Possive Negative. Lastly, the strategies they used to make sure their legislation and bills became laws.

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