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Richard Louv is a renowned author of the 21st century. The author has written a number of books that have caught the eye of the public. Perhaps his most successful book was Last Child in the Woods in which he talked about how children of this generation suffer from nature deficient disorder.

In this book, he focused on the importance of nature in the growth and development of children. In his new book, The Nature Principle, Louv has shifted his concentration from children to all other age groups of the community. The main theme of the book is the importance of nature to the life and well-being of man.

In this new book, Louv clearly states the current trend of man. He says that man has put a lot of effort and concentration on technology. This has affected his interaction with nature. To explain this, he talks about the importance of nature in improving the lives of teenagers, young adults and the older people of the society. With the use of various personal experiences, methods and principles, Louv is positive that nature is an importance aspect in improving the lives of individuals.

To explain the nature principle, Louv says, “The Nature Principle is about the power of living in nature—not with it, but in it… twenty-first century will be the century of human restoration in the natural world” (Louv 6). From the discussions and the examples that have been presented in the book, it is therefore essential for man to reconnect with nature in order to improve their well being, health, spirit and survival (Louv 3).

Summary of the Thesis

According to the author of the book The Nature Principle, the year 2008 marked the world`s history for the first time to have more than half of the world`s population living in urban settlements (Louv 9).

These individuals live a life that is characterised with a lot of building, congestion, traffic, pollution and high state technology. They have minimal influence to the environment and nature. This may have contributed greatly to the poor health conditions of the individuals living in urban areas, high stress levels, low life expectancies and poor social life.

To support this argument, Louv came up with seven different concepts/theories. He states that, “ I describe the future shaped by what I call the nature principle, an amalgam of converging theories and trends as well as reconciliation of old truths” (Louv 3). According to Louv, the application of these theories in the life of man will increase the level of sustainability in life. People will be more connected to nature, understand its needs and requirements, utilize these resources to their advantage and maintain the status of nature.

My perception of the book

From my own perspective, I think the argument that is presented in the book is practical. However, the full applicability of these concepts is questionable. Through reasonable planning, these concepts can be used to achieve our overall goals and objectives in life. The world that we are living in currently is growing at an alarming rate. All the sectors of the economy are experiencing a dramatic growth and development.

The field of information technology has been the fasted growing sector for the last few years. These developments have made our lives to be high-tech. In the book, Louv states that, “We even hear of the talk of the transhumant or posthuman era in which people are enhanced by technology…” (Louv 4). However, it is essential for this growth to be in line with nature. This is because all the resources that we need in life come from nature (Louv 127).

Our interaction with nature also tends to improve our physical and mental well-being. That is why we need to go on vacations, visit gardens to relax and escape the fast city life. This relieves us from the stress and daily pressure that we are always in. The life that most city dwellers live in has a lot of destructions. In his book, Louv states that, “You are writing e-mail, watching TV and answering phones. You`ve got your head in so many channels. Your body could be collapsing and you cannot even realise it” (Louv 25).

While we are in the outdoors of nature, we tend to meet and interact with friends, family, strangers and nature. Man is a social creature. We therefore need to interact with other people in order to find joy and love. These are essential ingredients of life. It is also true that nature represents part of our identity and personal history.

We should therefore take much consideration and put a lot of effort in ensuring its status is maintained. We will hence maintain our natural habitat and improve the status of our natural resources. This will in turn improve our lives and economies.

Our natural habitat is our status symbol all we do depends on our interaction with nature. Through a hybrid mind, we will be able to incorporate technological development with nature (Louv 79). Louv states that, “This research also suggest that individuals can also proceed on their own to gain a natural intellectual and creative advantage by tapping into nature” (Louv 31).

This can be achieved through creative thinking, creativity and increased intelligence. All these factors can be achieved if man is in tune with nature and appreciates it. The principles presented in this book are applicable in the life that we are living in right now. Currently, we need to be in touch with nature and maintain it in order to achieve our developmental goals and objectives.

Alternative Ways of achieving the above goals

It is almost impossible to substitute the resources and benefits that we get from nature. In this book, Louv has presented an argument that has shown the importance of nature in achieving a balanced existence. The overall outcome of these theories can on the other hand be achieved through sound economic, social and political principles.

By creating self-sustaining rules and regulations, man can be able to achieve his social, economic and political needs with the available resources that he has at his disposal. This will make his life to be relaxed and comfortable.


This book is a useful tool to help us understand and improve on the life that we are living in at the present moment. It is true that man has over time grown apart with nature. This may have contributed greatly to some of the problems that we are currently experiencing. However, with the application of these principles, we will be able to overcome these problems and improve on the rate of achieving our developmental goals and objectives.

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