The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka: Changes Of Grete

May 1, 2021 by Essay Writer

Imagine being a clueless and naive little girl that doesn’t have any responsibilities to becoming a person who has to do everyone else’s job in the house. In the short story The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. I will be comparing and contrasting how Grete changed drastically through the beginning of the story to the end. Throughout the story Grete will be making a lot of startling and striking changes. Some changes will either be for the best or for the worst. I think Grete’s started out a little negative at the beginning but through the story she turned into a better person and started to look at everything in a different perspective. I think Grete changed for the Better.

Throughout the story you will witnessed a lot of changes from Grete. The most common one I saw that progressed throughout the story was that Grete started as a caring person. Then to a uncaring and cold person towards everyone. Grete puts food in his room. She focuses on what she puts in his room because she is making sure Gregor is not starving himself.

After Gregor is done eating she will go and check on him and clean up his food mess. She will always once a day go into his room to check to see if he is okay. Then towards the end of the story Grete changings to a cold, hard, and uncaring person. She just starts to throw food into his room and doesn’t care what he dislikes or likes to eat. She doesn’t even go into his room to check to see if he is okay. She doesn’t even call her brother by name she just calls he brother at it. So this changes Grete in a good way because she gets to see how other people act outside of her house. She gets to be responsible once for someone and this tells her how hard of work this is.

Another way Grete changes from the beginning of the story to the end. Is she goes from a little girl to a grown women. So in the beginning Grete is protected from the real world. She has never had to go out and get a job to help out the family. She never had to clean the house or help cook food for her family. She had everyone else do everything for her. She has always been in this little shell that her family keeps her in. Towards the middle and end of the story Grete is the only one that will go in to Gregor’s room to see him and take care of him. The new found behavior is seen as responsibility in her parents eyes. She tries her best to be there and support her brother anyway she can. That is a way Grete changed for the better because she is known a responsible women.

The last way I think Grete changes in the short story is from idealistic to realistic.


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