The Great Gatsby Line That Came From Fitzgerald’s Life

March 28, 2022 by Essay Writer

The one who created a novel titled The Great Gatsby was Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. The author does show the life in 1920s that he had experience in the novel, so we could say that The Great Gatsby is an autobiographical novel. There are two main characters that have similar character to the author and also the author makes those characters more alive by not focusing to the other characters that have been shown in the novel. Gatsby living as a luxurious lifestyle in 1920s era and he has romantic and seriousness attitude as the author. The other character is called Nick which more to narrator in the story of the novel with simpler and deeper character. These characters are the most important with their own originality.

Many people would think that represent to the author is Nick compared to Gatsby, even though Gatsby have no purpose at the beginning in the story but in some way, we could find the author himself as Gatsby, because he has great density in the story. We could see Gatsby have drinking nature or a free spirit in the story same as the author and also, we have seen the pain character of the author was visible in Gatsby’s character.

The author has been through a lot of pain in his life which he had suffered a several heart attacks and also visible the separation between Gatsby and his girlfriend Daisy. We could see that the author has created two-character Gatsby and Nick that supporting each other. Fitzgerald’s Gatsby shows traumatic life event in the novel. In his personal life Fitzgerald looked alike Gatsby. Unfortunately, he did not know that he was successful till his death received praise from most of his book. In the novel Gatsby died not in honorable way murdered by George Wilson. Inside character have been show in Nick’s character which more peaceful and organized. These characters show different sides of the character of the author’s personality.

The romance part of Gatsby explains that was the dream of the author was that tried to lead that life in New York with his wife. There are similarities between his wife and Daisy. The novel shows a reflection of life during 1920s. His novel works is not fully autobiography but for himself it is as an inspiration behind the writing of “The Great Gatsby”.

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