The Elements That Made Alice in Wonderland a Special Story

June 28, 2022 by Essay Writer

According to the Atlantic an article created by Niraj Chokshi a former staff editor at, where he wrote about technology. “Alice was published in 1865 and has been adopted 25 times, according to Wikipedia (sorry, it was the most accessible, reliable database). Roughly 25 adaptations exist of Les Misérables, which was published in 1862 (the number may be higher, but I limited the count to eponymous titles) while there have been at least 27 adaptations of Crime & Punishment (1866)”. There are so many things like adventure and climax that can be explored through the book and filmed.

In the film or novel, there’s really no bystanders because the creators use everyone an object in a way to climax the story to another level. Examples include the Queen of Hearts’ people being questioned and treated to be railed in the climax. Another example includes, all the main characters helping Alice out in not letting the Queen of Hearts find her during her search and a random dog (which can speak) making in impact to risin the story to a startling impact. There’s no bystander during the movie, everyone in the movie have a role to follow and if it is not in the beginning then shortly after will come. During the literature or creative writing about rescuing in the book Alice in the Wonder created by Lewis Carroll is much more than an adventure.

During the book as described by shmoop “Alice visits the Duchess and rescues a baby, Alice is captured by a Red Knight and rescued by a White Knight”. Those examples show Alice being rescued or saved by other people powerful people or herself protecting others from potential doom. After Alice was saved from being captured by the Red Knight and rescued she continued her day and eventually rescued again in the way of her finding a way to head home thanks to her friends. Alongside many perpetrator deeds the queen have done that could be considered art. Examples includes capturing, torturing her people in which could be well describe through the art titled ‘ORIGINAL drawing Red Queen Alice in Wonderland, handmade,’ by Montana Tonny. She is a young artist which have mastered the art of the red queen to illustrate her as a foul monarch who is quick to decree death sentences at the slightest offense and is a queen that is considered trigger happy and wouldn’t think twice killing anyone that stood in her way.

The art behind the concept is attitude and excitement in which she shows during the book. Excitement comes from the reader once the mad queen does something horrible like beheading most of her people for trying to escape. There’s a play which represents the Drama that happens in Alice in the Wonderland that shows characters as a victim. The play represents the casts Waverlee Cooper as Alice, Rachel Belcher – The White Rabbit, Kierra Figgins – Mouse, Ethan McCollum as Duck, Abigail Noah / Rae Guidry as Dodo, Marlee Bird as Lory, Jade Clark as Eaglet and act. Created by Southeast Texas Arts Council in 2011 of the book in much childish and friendly way. The play counter the Disney Movie of Alice then the book thanks to its children friendly attitude and wording. The characters are shown really nice and are represent nice to the audience with a good concluding story.

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