The Crucible – religion and puritan belief in the play

November 30, 2020 by Essay Writer

On the other hand, the conservation between Proctor and Elizabeth starting on page 41, differs greatly from the sequence involving Proctor and Abigail previously. The act starts with Proctor returning home, his wife greeting him with a meal. While he eats it she “sits and watches him taste it” and “blushes with pleasure” when John says, “It’s well seasoned”. It is obvious here that Elizabeth gets great satisfaction from seeing John happy. If she can provide for him the things he likes, it gives her motivation.

This contrasts greatly with the other relationship that John has, where it is clear that it is both parties that are getting equal pleasure out of the same experience. There doesn’t seem to be much excitement between Elizabeth and Proctor. There is a lack of intensity in the conversation since “Aye” is spoken several times. The play is also directed where the couple are at different ends of the room, indicating separation. “It is as though she would speak, but cannot”.

This suggests tension in the atmosphere. The comparison between this and Proctor’s other relationship is obvious.

In that scene Abigail tries to get as near to Proctor as she can, “dares to come closer”. Adjectives such as “grasping”, “clutches” and “pressing” are all said, which suggest the need to move closer. However, relationship between the married couple shows great distance. From the way Goody Proctor speaks, the reader would get the impression that she wants to avoid any arguments, and doesn’t like being confronted. For example, “She doesn’t want friction”, she says Mary “frightened all her strength away”. Proctor saying, “How may that mouse frighten you?

“, compares her to be weaker than a mouse. A simile like this suggests that she cant really stand up for herself, and doesn’t like having to force answers out of people. In the sequence starting on page 17, Abigail is the opposite as she demonstrates her assertiveness. She wants to know why Proctor isn’t with her because she feels he still loves her, “You loved me then and you do now”. This is a vast difference between the personalities of both women. Goody Proctor seems to be quiet and doesn’t want anyone hurt. Abigail is very confident and will go any lengths to get what she wants.

While discussing the court case, Elizabeth starts to build up courage and tries to convince Proctor into telling the truth. He starts to get angry in the discussion and you get this impression as the tone of his voice starts to rise. “I say I will think on it! ” Proctor says angrily. Once he said that Goody Proctor starts to feel “hurt and cold”. This is the point where she starts to walk out of the room, probably feeling sorry for herself. This is very different compared to the association between Abigail and Proctor since it was he who was trying to get away, though this was only because he had to.

He knew the affair had to finish and was trying to stop himself being seduced by Abigail’s temptations. In conclusion, I think the relationship between Elizabeth and Proctor was a positive one till she became aware of her husbands betrayal. Up to that point she provided for her husband’s needs and this was enough. However, now she has lost confidence and perhaps realises that providing for his needs, in her way could not match the sexual needs that were apparent in the other relationship.

The sexual relationship between Abigail and John appeared to dominate despite John’s wishes to remain faithful to his religion and beliefs. In the relationship between Elizabeth and John, he takes on the dominant role whereas with Abigail and John, she takes the manipulative lead. We see signs of John giving in to her advances but we see none of this in the other relationship. Overall, this gives the impression that sexual desire out ways other requirements in a relationship.

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