“The Big Friendly Giant” Fairy Tale by Roald Dahl Essay (Book Review)

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Updated: May 25th, 2021

The work described is the fairy tale The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant) by the British writer Roald Dahl. In the center of the plot, there is a little girl Sophie who meets a giant and learns much about the new world that is unfamiliar to her. This story is loved by both children and many adults, and the characters in the fairy tale are vivid and memorable.

A little girl named Sophie is an orphan who lives in a shelter. There, she hears from other children a terrible story about giants who walk at night, steal children, and then eat them. It is possible to protect oneself from them in one way – not to look at the windows at night and curtain them tightly so that not a single ray of light could break through them. Sophie tries not to believe these stories, but she secretly thinks about such terrible tales.

One day, she decides to check out this legend when she cannot fall asleep for a long time. Looking at the night street, to her horror, Sophie sees a huge monster. As Dahl notes, it is “something very tall and very black and very thin” (7). The monster walks, looks through windows, and blows something into a tube.

The giant also notices the girl and, quickly grabbing her, rushes away from this place. In the morning, Sophie notices that the monster has brought her to the land of giants. Compared to them, her new acquaintance seems to be a teenager who barely reaches their shoulders. In addition, the girl is very lucky because her giant is a vegetarian and eats only plant food. Gradually, friendship develops between the Big Friendly Giant (the BFG) and Sophie. The girl is not afraid of him at all and does not feel lonely.

The new friend shows Sophie a laboratory for the production of beautiful and good dreams. She is very happy since she understands that the BFG sends children good dreams through his magic tube, mixing “one dream with another” (Dahl 82). Quite soon, Sophie has to face bad news because it turns out that not all giants are good. It is true what children say in the orphanage, and many monsters walk into the human world to devour children. Little Sophie comes up with the idea of ​​how to save others, and she decides to turn to the Queen of England and tell her everything.

The girl knows the English capital well enough, and she secretly takes her friend to the royal residence. Through his ability to create dreams, the giant convinces the Queen of England that all children are in grave danger. Therefore, the ruler decides to help and sends helicopters with armed people into the country of giants where all the monsters are tied up and taken to a special vegetarian prison.

The book ends when the author says that Sophie and her giant friend live happily, describing a large castle and a small house that was built next door (Dahl 140). The governments of different countries thank them regularly and send gifts as a reward for the help they rendered when catching monsters. The plot of the whole story lies at the heart of the book that the BFG writes, and it was Sophie who encouraged the giant to describe all their adventures. This kind fairy tale is popular all over the world, and the lively manner of writing makes this story one of the favorites among many children and adults.

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