Sociological Concepts for “Obama Gets It Right” Report (Assessment)

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Racism is indeed an outstanding sociological concept as can be judged from the speech delivered by President Obama to Morehouse graduates. I have also noted that this university college has predominantly been serving male black students of African American origin (Glyn, 2013). Needless to say, I wonder why Morehouse College has been used by the black population since its inception. Definitely, this is a society affected by racism even in vital areas such as education. I can also confirm that President Obama decided to pay a visit and give a speech to Morehouse College because he is a black American who once faced an apparently unjust and racial society. It is obvious that racism is still a critical issue of consideration in American society. Although major strides have been made in narrowing the difference among various races, I suppose the vice will still feature prominently even in the coming decades.

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In his speech, President Obama emphasized the need for black Americans to seek economic security. Even without going into the latent details of this statement, I suspect that economic inequality is a significant paradigm in contemporary American society. The president was quite emphatic that there is growing hopelessness among the black population. If inequality is not prevalent in modern American society, I do not think the president would have talked about the worrying trends of economic disparity among black Americans. In any case, President Obama reiterated that the challenges faced by blacks usually start at a local level. In order to avoid condemning other segments of the population in terms of the troubles afflicting the black people, the president noted that they (black Americans) were responsible for these problems. For instance, idling in the streets, lack of proper education, and spending life in jail terms are some of the activities that have ruined the prosperity of black Americans. I have noted that the lifestyle adopted by black people has been the main factor that has worsened the level of inequality with other American races.

The group as a sociological concept has been clearly depicted in the speech to Morehouse graduates by President Obama. I understand that black Americans are indeed a social human group with unique characteristics and lifestyles. In addition, they have close personal ties bearing in mind that they have suffered as a unit for several past decades. Their tribulations as a social group of people with interesting backgrounds have culminated in a deep desire to uplift the wellbeing of each other. As a matter of fact, the speech given by President Obama was predominantly a counseling session for the Morehouse graduates (Glyn, 2013). It was meant to give them hope and additional strength in uplifting their overall standards of living in American society.

Social deviance is also eminent in the speech given out by president Obama to Morehouse graduates. I suppose deviance has been manifested in his speech through acts of crime committed by some members of the black population. When they lack proper education, most black Americans are compelled to engage in criminal activities in order to earn a livelihood. This explains why quite a number of those who have been found guilty are sentenced to jail terms. However, I do not think all members of the black population are equally affected by social deviance to the extent of engaging in any form of a felony. It is just that black Americans are the worst affected segment of the contemporary American population. Even the president admits that he once made mistakes when he was still in his youthful age (Glyn, 2013).

I am not quite sure if the African Americans and the black Americans, in general, depict a social class of people who have been economically, politically, and socially discriminated against. Perhaps, they just belong to a social class that has undergone myriads of tribulations occasioned by their own backgrounds. In spite of the challenges they are facing, the president notes that the government does not have a solution to these problems. Similar challenges were faced by previous generations and in any case, they succeed in dealing with them. The black people require role models because of the myriads of poor choices they make on a daily basis (Glyn, 2013). There should be no permission to offer excuses. He advised the black Americans to keep their challenges into focus. He also emphasized the importance of maintaining healthy relationships in families and also in other forms of friendships. The blacks should be in a position to seize all the emerging opportunities.


Finally, the problems that are being faced by the black Americans have been worsened by the lack of decent housing bearing in mind that the latter is a basic human need. As a sociological concept, homelessness is still a serious social challenge affecting this segment of the population. I suppose this explains why the president was emphatic on the need for Morehouse graduates to contribute positively toward uplifting the living standards of their fellow black Americans (Glyn, 2013).


Glyn, N. (2013). Obama Gets It Right. Web.

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