Review Of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four And Its Relation to Modern Life

May 13, 2021 by Essay Writer

Nineteen Eighty-Four is a very special book in my opinion. Even though it was published in 1949, the book was foreshadowing our society today. Obviously today’s government isn’t as strict as it was in the book, but it’s still very similar to the books government. The governments are very similar in the fact that our every move is being watched. With how advanced technology is today, it’s almost no work for the government to know everything people do. For example, all these apps that have those long rules you have to accept before you can use the app just take all our information and sell it to whoever they please. Our text messages are being watched by random people we don’t know.

Whatever we think was just supposed to be between us and our friends is between many other people we don’t know. Now a days when I open a website about basketball all my ads are about NBA or other basketball related things. Of course we could stay away from these apps or technology devices that take our information, but it’s almost impossible in today’s society. How can you stay off an iPhone when everyone else has one, and if you don’t have one you’ll be left behind. If all your friends are on Snapchat and you want to stay in touch with them you have to get the app. All these reasons are why Nineteen Eighty-Four foreshadowed how we’d be living life today. Your every move is being monitored by the “Big Brother” and to add unto that you can’t avoid being monitored either. Even when Winston thought he was outsmarting the system and hiding he was wrong, Big Brother was still watching him. This links with the fact that even when we think if we stay off all these apps and devices where safe.

In reality, if you go into public there’s usually cameras and once again you’re being watched. Every single place you go is being watched whether you like it or not. One of the ways Nineteen Eighty-Four changed my view is the way I act when using devices. I know at any moment all my inmost secrets could be leaked to the world. Now that I know my information could be shared at any moment, I’m extra careful with what I say over a device. I make sure to save the most important discussions for real life. In general, the book has put a little bit of fear and paranoia in my mind. I double check every move I make. I always wondering if I’m being monitored what do they use the information for. The book has put unanswerable questions in my head.

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