Ques-comparison Between Sofia and Nettie

October 17, 2021 by Essay Writer

Sofia and Nettie’s characteristics are really different from each other. Here one is said to be a fiery character and another is a responsible women. Sofia plays a strong female character in the story who is depicted as a women who rejected traditional ideas about women’s role in African-American society. She is the head of her house. She is in effect even though if she is staying in an Democratic surroundings. Sofia does lots of manly activities even outdoors activities. She takes responsibilities and also takes decisions in area where she has her control. Sofia is kind of assertive character. she never back down in anything if it a fight, quarrel or anything. She fights back and never let them win. Her first appearance is when she comes to Albert’s house leading Harpo by the hand and showed her the nature of relationship with Harpo. Nettie is also an activist she also plays an important role in the story. Nettie is much more caring, responsible and hardworking comparing to Sofia. She is the one who lives Celie very much in the entire novel and it even stays strong even after the sisters were separated long back ago. Nettie embodies one of the most important themes in the novel i.e. relationship of the black Africa to the Beach American proficiency. She is working as an missionary. She works with Olinka tribe in Africa.

The writer describes her like a voice which is expressive and well-spoken to the wickedness of colonialism. Even for the religious race of people. In Sofia’s life patriarchy system is fully in fully followed. She differed this not just after her marriage but initially itself when she lived with her family. She lived in a home were patriarchal rules were followed and she was totally against this. She not only shows her power and authority in front of her husband she even did fight with her brother for her right in her family. Even if her husband Harpo or anybody else comes to harm her she is equally capable of damaging the opponent. She knew that she is never alone. She has a great support of her sisters who is behind her every time. Her sisters are also strong as well as in a big position in the society. She a very strong women she never likes male dominance. She never listens to the male projected views she is of her own. She never tolerates when a female is got hurt.

As I mentioned early that Nettie is an responsible women that she even took care of Celie’s illegitimate children Olivia and Adam. She is very loyal and faithful towards her family. She has a strong sense of duty she is very sincere and true towards her work. Nettie has a fear in her that would the letters she writ reaches her sister or not but she still keeps writing to her sister and she constantly mentions about the love that exists between them. She she contemplate that it is her duty and a responsibility and a prospect that she has got a chance to take care of Celie’s children as it is an opportunity for her to show her expression of affection towards her. Nettie gives an lots of importance to education, she sees it solemnly. She is also independent of all men and it seems that she is the result of Celie’s sacrifice. She sees it as a form of an oppressive restricted lifestyle by which African-American can be escaped. Nettie is more intelligent than her other two sisters she has much much better form of English and her way of composition is very bright. Now Sofia is a kind of fiery character. Being a short tempered women once she gets angry on the town’s Mayor, because he slaps his wife. She couldn’t control after listening to that and went to him without even thinking that what could be the consequences. Now for this she was savagely beaten and was announced sentence for twelve years in jail. But Mary Anges who conciliate to the prison warden and tries to commute her sentence and keep her as a prisoner-maid in the Mayor’s house. This impaired her a lot. Her anger never came down or decreased she was fuelled with hatred and she was planning of most hardest death for him. Now she also came with a murderer mind. During her jail times she learned to retain her fighting spirit and dignity. It has been found that Sofia had a lot of similarities to Celie. It’s not an amaze that the two women who has a strong bond of Friendship lasted throughout the novel. Nettie is a good attentive, understanding comprehensive and sympathetic towards the individuals she loves.

Sofia’s characteristic description in the novel can be understood by some incidents happened in the story. Sofia comes to Harpo when she was pregnant and insisted that the baby is Harpo’s and they get married and starts living together. After some time in her house male dominance started and Harpo started hitting and hurting her. She couldn’t beat this and she wished for a bitter death than passing through this pain each and everyone day. Sofia plans to leave Harpo and she returns after a long time during night to visit Harpo’s juke joint. She tries to make issues and problems there in order to revenge to Harpo and Crete issues in between h and his live-in lover. Now all this end up in the jail after sassing Mayor’s wife and it was a sentenced that she will put in the jail for twelve years. In the jail she worked as a prion laundry. She ends up in patterning the remainders of her life time in jail. After she and Harpo gets together, then she gets the news that her mother passed away. Eleanor and Mayor’s daughter came and Sofia was like a second mother for her. Eventually Sofia gets to see the problems between black and white in the area. Nettie in her story is shown with her boyfriend. Her father disagrees with this and gets him married to Celie. Nettie stayed with Celie and Mr and he usually used to go to her but she completely refuses for it and in thAt anger he throws her out. But being innocent she always used to keep writing to her sister. She wrote so many letters but no letters reached Celie. But she keeps writing in a hope that one day the letter will reach her. Nettie seeks refuge with one of the minister and his wife, who adopted Celie’s children. She started taking care of the children and they also so her as their another mother and at least they goes to Africa as a missionary. When she reaches Africa and listens to the problems they are going through and decides to be a radical women. When Corrine, the reverded wife gets Ill and she scolds her for sleeping with Samuel, and she says that Adam and Olivia are Nettie’s children and at that moment she finally tells the truth that her sister Celie is the biological mother of the children.

After, Corrine dies and Nettie and Samuel gets back to England. They went there to help the people there but they were impossible in their job. But they do get married. Then they both Adam, Olivia and Adam’s wife, Tashi gets back to United States. Now Nettie and her family is together happy forever with her beloved sister Celie. After knowing the whole story life of both the women. It seems that both of them have different different kind of characteristics and behavioral pattern. Both of them belong to the se area of work but the way of work is different in Both of then. One is who can’t control the anger and burst like a fire without thinking of it before and another is the one who always keep a peaceful Mind to help others. Sofia who just loves to be a superior of everyone but Nettie wants to work for others and she even took care of sisters children. Because of short tempered mind Sofia turned into jail but even there she was burning the fire inside her to kill the because of whom she is in jail and at same time Nettie works under other people to get back to her sister and tell her the truth and also to prove herself truth. She gives value to relationships. According to me Nettie will the one who will be an inspirational and remarkable member or a personality for the women of African-American women. Not only me everyone else will agree with this and everyone’s choice will be Nettie. She can become a good role model for everyone. She is s good example and ideal to everyone. Learning to be calm and how to solve problems would be more learned from Nettie, just jumping on others and shouting on others will not make any sense like what sofia did. So, Nettie would be the best option for the women for their well-being and for their better future.

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