Punishment Is Not a Solution

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

People started to apply variable rules to protect the social order since they began to live as a community. Moreover, they needed to prisons to protect the social order. Prisons used for different ambitious throughout history. When conditions and needs changed, types of prisons also changed. Moreover, it is the time to change again for prisons. Unfortunately, punishment system is not usable for this century. It is just as a revenge system, an eye for an eye. This system could not improve prisoners. This century needs different type system. Moreover, Mathiesen (2006) explains that the inmate is to be restored to his or her old prestige and prerogative, before the ‘fall’; moreover, the inmate presumes to have his or her pride. Therefore, prisons should be rehabilitory.

Some of people think that the punishment is necessary for prisons to be deterrent. However, it is not true. Bad attitudes cause worse attitudes. Punishment is not a solution. It postpones the violence. For example; Levan (2012) supports those favorable experiences, such as those that focus on restitution, training and cure, will be more probably to outcome in prisoner ably reintegrating into their group and becoming participating members of community. In contrast, punishment isolates prisoners from community. Firstly, it makes them an asocial person, when they return the society. For example; an inmate lived in prison which is punishment, for thirty years. He did not do any social or physical activity. He just lived. How could some people think that this inmate adapts the society after null thirty years? Secondly, punishment encourages the prisoners to reoffend, because punishment does not change anything for prisoner. Inmate is the same person mentally before going to the prison. If the aim is to make the prisons deterrent, punishment is not true way. Also Soderland, and Newman (2017) assert that there is chance and possibility to enhance sanity and welfare for inmate, which can cause to a decrease in reoffend. Punishment system should be removed for making prisoner an asocial and encouraging them to reoffend.

Some of the authorities suppose that there can be no reason for the prisoner not to be punished, because people could make a decision; therefore, to commit offers is the preference of inmate. Maybe this comment might be true in some ways. However, the effect of social environment is not ignored. People are the members of society. Moreover, their life shapes with their environment. Money (as cited in Humanism by Joe, n.d.) supports that children grow up in those environment are probably to work up flame and find out that severity is the method to overcome troubles. For example; a child grew up in the society where the robbery is the normal fact. Child thinks that the robbery is a usual for all the time. He/she does not aware of it is wrong, and he/she has never had chance to live different from his/her society. Therefore, nobody cannot decide to punish someone who are not thought independent of their environment.

Some people supports that prison turns into a kind of crime school where prisoners create social environment while they are rehabilitating. They think that prisoners could learn different types offend from each other, even they can be gang. However, it is wrong. The best example for it is the Bastoy Prison where prisoners do not learn any kind of offend from each other. In contrast, Nilsen (as cited in Sutter, 2012) explains that there, prisoners are edged on select to find out how to be better human.

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