Poetry Can Have An Impact On A Lot Of Things In Society

August 1, 2022 by Essay Writer

Many people believed that poetry can have a major impact on society because it can show life examples or it can give someone advice in what they are going through. Poetry can have an impact on a lot of things in society, things, or events.

For example in the poem The Obstacle the writer is giving people an example of what she had to go thru. Like in a line she says “and there that hulking prejudice sat all across the road”, the poet doesn’t mean literally she means that the obstacles she was facing where a lot. In another line she states that she tried to communicate, tried to talk to him as polite as she could, and she even yelled at the prejudice. But the prejudice didn’t even move a single finger and that can also represent all the struggles that society can face, for example if someone is being bullied the bully can be prejudice. At the end of the poem she says that she walked thru the prejudice as if nothing was there, that can also mean that nobody has to be there when someone is not working with you or bring you down.

When someone is facing a prejudice they have to do what the poet did and walk over and pretend like nothing is in your way. A connection that poetry has with society is that it can help society be built a little stronger or more open minded to whatever the have to be faced with even if the problem has to do with everyday problems or just facing something someone is afraid with. Another example of how poetry can have an impact in society is like the poem The Melting Pot, it talks about how many cultures and races come together and learn from each other. This can give a lot of impact on society because it can make everyone learn about each race and how they can learn from each other. For example this poem talks about how many people come to america can give many people a bigger opportunity and a chance to keep going forwards. Many of the people that were coming to america were facing a lot of problems and difficulties because many people just couldn’t fit in or society didn’t want them to be part of their “society”. In this poem it says of all the struggles they had to face in order to have a better education, better jobs, and much better future for them and their kids.

Poetry can have so much of an impact in society even if it relates to political topics and educational topics. They can help society look at things from a different perspective and not just one simple way to look at things, it can help people overcome fears, expand their knowledge, or even have a different perspective in life, or problems that person could be facing. In my opinion, poetry has a great and positive impact on society because it helps people and gives examples of what people have to go through in an everyday basis or even struggles they faced in the past.


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