My Personal Reflections after Reading the Novel Alchemist

August 31, 2022 by Essay Writer

After several weeks of reading the book “the Alchemist” I find this story very wonderful and full of adventures. I found out that there are several effects of Santiago’s adventures on his identity and his self perception. When Santiago has to sell his sheep to prepare for travelling to Egypt to see the pyramids, a young friend tricked him and steals all of Santiago’s money, forcing him to take stock of his life in a time that he is in the state of being desperate and upon his mischievous adventures Santiago’s realizes the pattern in all the experiences and in meeting many of his friends that influence the path he finally takes.

There are cultures I think would be most likely to accept Coelho’s message that a person should pursue their dreams and aspire to happiness is the unity of all religions and the influence of love, sweetness and grace of the family. I don’t agree to the crystal merchant that having a dream is more important than pursuing a dream because how will you able to achieve a dream if you’ll not able to pursue it.

I agree more to Santiago’s philosophy because that if you have a dream you must have courage and it follow it until you achieve it. I believe that the universe will conspire me to achieve my dreams because what you wish for that you thought can never be possible could even be likely to happen. There are lesson that Santiago learned along the way like he learns that change is necessary for success and if one never changes move forward. He also learns that not everyone can see his dreams come true in the same way. “Love without ownership” in my opinion it is a love a person without wanting to keep them for yourself somehow. I think it is no t possible to have love without ownership because being the only one for each other means taking care of each other – taking responsibility for each other: essentially, taking ownership of each other. It is not true that there is a language in the world because with different cultures they have different languages.

The key factor to mutual cultural acceptance is respecting and understanding the different meanings and type of culture. The book “Alchemist” is universally popular because of its enchanting, dazzling in its powerful and simplicity and inspiring wisdom and it tells us about the transforming power of our dreams and the importance of listening to people’s heart and the language of the story is not complex and it gives away good and message and it is easy to understand compare to other novels.

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