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Article Review

This paper reviews the article “Physical Activity and Coronary Heart Disease in Men: The Harvard Alumni Health Study” published in the journal Circulation in the year 2000.


Introduction of the article is not lengthy, and authors have given basic introduction of coronary heart disease and benefits of physical activity on patients having this disease. Authors have told that further studies are required on the necessary quantity as well as intensity of physical activity to prevent coronary heart disease. Therefore, researchers worked on the quantity, type, and intensity of physical activity. They also assessed the effect of physical activity on coronary heart disease in the presence of other coronary problems.


This is an ongoing cohort study, in which researchers worked with participants from Harvard University. They worked with 12,516 men in the age range of 39 to 88 years, who were taken after proper exclusion criteria as, for example, they did not work on patients with missing data on physical activity. Researchers examined weekly energy expenditure of participants, intensity and type of physical activity, and with the help of questionnaire, they collected information of participants. Different variables include independent variables such as age and health, and dependent variables such as physical activity, smoking, and alcohol consumption.


Researchers found that recreational activities and vigorous activities were inversely related to the risk of coronary heart disease. Moreover, in men with various coronary risk factors, chances of coronary heart disease decrease, if they expend more than or equal to 4200 kJ per week.


Results of the study show that they are consistent with the Surgeon General’s recommendation, i.e. vigorous activities reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. An important strength of the study is that researchers worked on a huge number of people. One of the important weaknesses of the study is that researchers did not consider dietary factors and lipid level in the diet that could affect the results. Research shows that patients of coronary heart disease must be encouraged to do exercise. Researchers could improve the results of the study by involving more statistical analysis and latest technological devices.

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