Joy Luck Club – Film Response  Free Essay Example

May 25, 2021 by Essay Writer

In the joy luck club film there were four stories all dealing with different teaching methods different emotions. All the mothers and children had something emotional happen to them. That’s where the diverse parenting styles come in. The first story would be Ai-Mei and Rose the way Ai-Mei raised rose was that she wanted the best for her. For her not to be treated without respect she wanted her to have dignity, she wasn’t really strict she just always had great advice for rose because when she realized that she was showing the same similarities as her grandmother not knowing her worth but after hearing her grandmother story she finally stood up to her american husband Ted.

The second story would be Lindo’s and Waverly.

Lindo was taught to be humble and bite her tongue and hide her thoughts until she feel at a disadvantage she learned this strategy in china while being in a loveless marriage. She later realized her worth so she walked away from her marriage so she wouldn’t disappoint her family.

June felt like she went unnoticed for years by her mother because they didn’t connect like the rest of the daughters and their mothers , after a long emotion conversation June began to realize that her Suyuan knew that her daughter was different she just didn’t know how to accept it , knowing her mother’s story helped her realize that they were both stronger than they thought they could ever be. Ying-ying and lena ying-ying married young, it was a happy marriage but it got really bad after they had their baby, her husband would cheat on her he would use the baby. Ying ying felt like he loved the baby more than her so she kills the baby it really hurt but ying ying felt like it would hurt him how he hurt her. She then had a second daughter lena she’s really smart because her mother raised her to know her worth.

The story that stood out to me the most would have to be lindo and waverly story because lindo pushed waverly to do better and always be the best. My mother always tell me i need you to do this that and the third in order to be here at a certain age i always feel pressured even to this day and that’s kinda how me and waverly relate to each other both our parents only worrying about how our failure would affect them pride wise and not looking at it as if we fail on our own and don’t feel bad about it it would only make us want to do better. The value’s that the mother wants to pass on would be in order to do best you have to push yourself none stop, you have to know how to talk to people for you to get far in life.

The love in this story really wasn’t being expressed because lindo really didn’t know how to show it she was always strict and worrying about being controlling waverly felt like her mother didn’t love her. The parenting relationship between the mother and the daughter i would have to say obedience lindo wanted her daughter to always listen to her no matter what. How waverly copes with her american identity is always being first best at everything because that’s how she was raised in society. For example when they were sitting at the dinner table she made a smart remark about how rose paper didn’t sound sophisticated.


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