Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler

January 14, 2022 by Essay Writer

Hitler was the German leader for the Nazi Party and was known as the most powerful fascists of the 20th century according to History. He took advantage of financial hardships, popular discontent, and political disagreements so that he could take all the power of Germany. This is what gets me, is why someone would want so much power over a country or over innocent people. This event started in 1933. The intrusion in Poland led to the start of WW2 in 1939. The Nazis took much of Europe.

Eventually, all of this led to the murders of 6 million Jews along with some of the people that were held captive in the Holocaust. That is a lot of people killed because of one person who is greedy for power and selfish. He had to have so much hate and cruelty in him. In the early 1920s, Adolf Hitler helped grow the Nazi Party and it began to spread like wildfire. In the mid-1920s, Hitler published his book titled ‘Mein Kamf’ which translated in English is called ‘My Struggle.

’ Hitler grew on nationalistic and anti-Semitic views. He developed these views in Vienna when he was in his early twenties. He even had plans for when he came to power. He wrote his second book in the late 1920s called ‘The Zweites Buch.’ This book was published titled ‘Hitler’s Secret Book.’

I can remember being in my high school history class and we were talking about dictators like Hitler and Stalin and I can remember thinking how cruel these people were. They killed so many people, for what? Power? I felt so bad for the people who had to endure that and go through such a dark time. I could not imagine, and I do not ever want to have to imagine this or go through something like this. At a time like that, it had to be really scary not knowing what was going to happen net. These dictators must have had such miserable lives leading up to this kind of cruelty. On another note, Stalin began to rise to power in 1912. This happens to be the same year the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and sank! This also the same time the Bolsheviks came to power.

A man by the name of Vladimir Lenin had founded the Soviet Union at this time and began his leadership. Now, Stalin’s early life went a little like this. He was born into poverty, so his family struggled a good bit throughout his life. However, he grew up to earn a scholarship so that he could become a priest at an Orthodox Church. Eventually, he became fascinated with the ideas of Karl Marx. However, he then got expelled from the institution he was attending because he was missing major exams. He then became involved with the Marxist Social Democratic movement. Stalin was responsible for a lot of bank robberies because he was using the money to help fund his political organization. He was even arrested at one point. All of this led to his rise in 1912. However, his dictatorship began at some point in the 1920s. any person who did not agree with his ideas or his political views was killed, held captive, or banished.

In 1953, Joseph Stalin died from a stroke. He was 74 years old at the time of his death. Stalin and Hitler were both very cruel and evil men. There was absolutely no reason they had to kill all those people. When I was in my high school history class, we were told that Hitler killed mostly Jews and blonde hair and blue-eyed people as well. I would have hated to be in that era under their rule. You almost lived everyday in fear when they were in power. You almost were not even able to have your own ideas and way of thinking. Basically, you had your hands tied behind your back and you were imprisoned or worse, killed, if you had your own opinion. I believe this was not a healthy way to live and to be controlled like that had to be miserable.

I honestly feel bad for these people because if I were them I would be scared to lay my head down at night and if I did, I would not want to wake up the next morning because of the possibility of being killed. I would hate to even walk out my door. I do not know how things could get worse than what Hitler and Stalin did to all those innocent people. Also, to think, the Holocaust started under Hitler’s rule and to think the people held captive were not fed well and they did not have proper hygiene and were not in a clean environment. They were even sent in gas chambers and left to die. Many even died because of starvation or died of diseases caused by not being clean. These innocent people had it bad and I bet it was absolutely traumatizing. I can only imagine what the survivors are going through right now after having to go through and witness all that.

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