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Joe Biden’s Stance on the Concerning Issues of the World

May 29, 2022 by Essay Writer

Joe Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on November 20, 1942 where his parents instilled values of hardwork and toughness. He worked briefly as an attorney before he began working in politics. He became the fifth youngest U.S. senator in history when he was elected in 1972 at the age of thirty and in December of 1972 his family was involved in a car accident that killed his wife and daughter and injured both of his sons which lead him to consider suicide in the aftermath. He instead continued on and was sworn in as senator in his son’s hospital room and he then went on to be Delaware’s longest-serving senator. Joe biden was the fourth most senior senator when he resigned from his position to assume the role of vice presidency in 2009. During his time in the Senate, Biden was known as one of the senate’s leading foreign policy experts, and for several years, he worked as chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations. Some of his many foreign policy stances included expanding NATO to include former Soviet-bloc nations, opposing the First Gulf War, as well as being outspokenly opposed to President George W. Bush’s handling of the Iraq War. He ran a campaign for the presidency in 2008 before dropping out and later being picked by Barack Obama to be his vice president, he was elected 47th vice president of the United States in 2008 and was re-elected in 2012. Biden’s blue collar working-class roots provided votes that were crucial in swing states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio. Today Joe Biden is running for president as a Democrat again in the 2020 election with the hopes of beating the other 2020 democratic candidates and then President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden’s policies on gun control are in support of strengthening gun safety as he recognizes the current state of gun violence in America to be an epidemic. One way he plans on dealing with the gun violence epidemic is by holding gun manufacturers accountable. Back when Biden was a still a senator in 2005, he voted against Lawful Commerce in Arms Act but due to gun manufacturers lobbying Congress, gun manufacturers managed to secure the act’s passage. This particular law protects gun manufacturers in a way no other industry is protected, they are safe from being held civilly liable for their products under this law but with Biden’s policies he will prioritize repealing this protection.

Another way Biden plans on dealing with the gun violence epidemic is by preventing the civilian use of weapons of war. To do this he has said he plans to ban the manufacturing as well as the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, which with existing hunting laws would not be able to be used for hunting purposes. Other ways he plans to deal with weapons of war is to regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act, and institute a buy back program of assault rifles already existing within society, as well as supporting legislation that would restrict an individual from purchasing more than one gun per month to prevent stockpiling.

Biden to recognizes that there is a failure within American society keeping guns away from dangerous people and so to try to prevent this he plans on implementing universal background checks. He also plans on fixing loopholes in existing background checks such as the “boyfriend loophole”, the “hate crime loophole”, and the “Charleston loophole”. His campaign also plans on him reinstating the Obama-Biden policy to keep guns out of the hands of certain people unable to manage their affairs for mental reasons, which President Trump reversed. If he wins the presidential election Biden would also push for the end of online sale of firearms and ammunitions.

Health Care

As president Biden plans on expanding upon the Affordable Care Act rather than starting from scratch, he will use the Affordable Care Act to build upon to give Americans more choice, reduce health care costs, and make our health care system more comprehensive and easier to navigate he plans to improve America’s healthcare system.

Biden’s plan aims to give every Amercian access to affordable healthcare he would achieve this through several ways. One way he plans on making healthcare more accessible is by giving people a new public health insurance option which he would create with the goal of satisfying more people who are unhappy with medicare’s existing shortcomings. He would also increase the value of tax credits with the aim of lowering premiums and allowing coverage to be expanded to more working class Americans, he also hopes to be able to extend coverage to about 4.7 million low-income Americans who are unable to get medicare under their states refusal to take up medicare’s expansions.

Biden also plans on standing up against the abuse of power being demonstrated by prescription drug companies. He plans on doing this by repealing the law that allows drug corporations to avoid negotiating drug prices with Medicare, which is only in place due to lobbying from the drug companies. His plan would also limit the launch price of prescription drugs using external reference pricing to prevent grossly overpriced drugs. He would also allow for consumers to buy prescription drugs from overseas to encourage competitive pricing from American drug companies. Biden’s goal is to make healthcare a right for everyone and not just a select few and he beileievs all Americans should have access to contraceptives amd safe abortions, and would prevent states from denying medicade funding to planned pparenthood. He also plans on rescinding the global gag order that was reinstated and expanded upon by President Trump.


Biden being a democratic candidate, climate is a major aspect of his campaign and his website even refers to his climate plans as “The Biden Plan” which plans to ensure America achieves a 100% clean energy economy as well as aiming to reach net-zero emmissions by 2050. He would also like to make thoughtful infrastructure investments to insure America can be climate efficient in the coming future. He hopes that his plans would influence the rest of the world to follow in suit due with the use of economic leverage and setting standards hopefully to be followed by other places in the world. He also plans on addressing the corporations which abuse their power by disproportionately pollution low income and predominantly colored communities, this addresses the national issue of Flint, Michigan still not having access to clean tap water. His clean power plan also addresses workers affected by the shift to clean energy such as coal workers and powerplant workers and the communities these energy sources support financially and plans on securing benefits workers have earned in their time working.

Plans for Rural America

Today in America roughly 20% of Americans live rurally but that 20% disproportionately has an effect on the rest of Americans due to farmers being among rural Americans. Biden would like to revitalize the rural economy because as of now rural America has a difficult time returning profits, but through strengthening our agricultural sector he can assure profits made by rural America stay in rural america. To do this he plans on pursuing a trade plan that would benefit farmers who export their crops. He would also like to make American agriculture the first to achieve net-zero emissions which would, in the process, give farmers a new source of income such as using cover crops to reduce carbon emissions as well as having the ability to amend the soil with important nutrients. Biden’s plan to revitalize the rural American economy also involves supporting new farmers and beginning the development of regional food systems which would see locally grown food being brought into local state and federal meal programs this allows for farmers to negotiate their own pricing on their crops. Biden would also like to work with rural communities to allow them better access to federally funded resources. This addresses the issue of persistent poverty levels within rural communities and he hopes that he can

Joe Biden has proved himself to be a front runner in the upcoming presidential elections for many of the reasons he has been so successful in his career as a politician, he appears to know what he’s doing and his opinions are fairly moderate and extremely sympathetic to the working class. While Joe Biden has good, non-polarizing ideas, this may also be his downfall. As it has been seen the other times Biden has run for president, he lacks the ability to get the public rallying behind him and now as he continues to get older, he no longer appears to be as sharp as he once was when in his prime, which is clear to the younger voting demographic. On the other hand Joe Biden’s role as vice president during the time of the Obama administration helped bring his name back into relevance after decades of working within the senate and he can surely count on receiving a fair number of votes due to his association with the Obama Administration who only care to have a democrat and Biden is already a familiar name to the American people. So while Biden has exemplified his ability to be a competent politician who seems to have the American people’s best interest in mind, he lacks the presence to lead a country as the president must. In all Biden is not young enough to understand and represent the younger generations in America and that paired along with his image as a person with his presence being unassertive during his time as vice president would suggest he will have trouble with his popularity among the American public.

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