History of John F. Kennedy Assassination Essay

December 31, 2021 by Essay Writer

John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States of America who was inaugurated into power in 1961. However, he was assassinated two years later on September 22, 1963 at around noon. He met his untimely death while he had taken a ride with his wife in one of the presidential motorcade. He was brutally shot by undistinguished persons. The bullet is supposed to have gone through his back and shattered a rib before exiting via his chest, striking his right wrist and being side tracked into his left thigh.

Other eye witnesses hold that the bullet entered through the throat and not the back as it has been alleged. It was later confirmed that JFK was murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald who was latter killed by Jack Ruby even before trial.

When the Oliver Stone picture, JFK, was released in 1991, it generated enormous interest in the possibility that elements of the federal government and the military-industrial complex, including the CIA, might have been behind the assassination, perhaps with financing from wealthy oil men and the collusion of the Mob.

I am of the opinion that the investigation concerning the death of JFK be closed since every new investigation comes up with new evidence. It does not make sense proceeding with an investigation that has hit a deadlock. It is now more than 40 years since the assassination took place and the court has failed to prove and to hold responsible the person(s) who was responsible for the murder.

This fantastic two demented gunmen scenario had the effect of highlighting one of the glaring weaknesses of the Warren report, which was its utter failure to establish a rational motive for Lee Harvey Oswald to have wanted to kill John F. Kennedy.

This is the genius of the description of the gunman as demented. Since an insane person may act from irrational motives, the actions of an insane person cannot be expected to be cogent. While the Warren commission never actually maintained that Oswald was insane, its report strongly suggested that he was unstable citing various aspects of his personal history.

There have been intermittent indications that Oswald was not demented. According to the commission there was enough evidence that Oswald was an undercover agent for the FBI, right up to the day of the assassination. Immediately after the assassination, a Dallas police officer was killed some few minutes after the murder of Kennedy. An eyewitness by the name Johnny Brewer stated that he saw Oswald standing about one mile from where the officer had been shot and that he acted suspicious.

He further said that he saw Oswald walk towards the Jefferson Avenue after hearing the police sirens. This was enough evidence to convict Oswald although he did not even go for trial since he was killed earlier. This complicated investigation and if up until now the court has not been able to convict any person related to the murder then it is clear that no further investigation will be able to achieve the expected results.

It was one thing for a single demented gunman to have attempted to assassinate the president in Dealey plaza and quite another for two or more demented gunmen to have done the same. If there was more than one assassin, then they must have had their reasons. The second government report on the assassination of President Kennedy thus exposed a major defect with the first.

Many books have been written about the assassination with the authors focusing on medical evidence, suggesting that it might hold the key to understanding what took place in Dealey plaza. The autopsy report, X-rays, and photographs, for instance, are usually taken to be the best evidence in a murder case.

There has been many controversies regarding the incidents and the techniques used to authenticate the findings seem to be weak. The assassination of JFK however, is not a usual case, and the authenticity of the autopsy X-rays and photographs has been challenged by many members of the commission.

The problems in this case are remarkable, for the reason that the autopsy X-rays and photographs do not appear to be consistent with the autopsy report or even with each other. The medical substantiation also come outs to be contradictory with reports of several bystanders, (including medical doctors and non-physicians) who examined the president’s body at Bethesda as well as at parkland.

The inconsistency between the eyewitness reports and other evidence was dispatched in the case of the House Committee by accepting the autopsy X-rays and photographs as authentic, which permitted the members of the Committee to disregard, discount, or discard the eyewitnesses especially those who reported a massive wound to the back of JFK’s head.

The situation has remained in an uncomfortable state of semi-resolution, creating a national sensation that enormously stimulated interest in the assassination. If new Investigations are opened for this case; it means that it may take another 30 years to come up with a concrete conclusion.

Majority of the Americans are of the opinion that the case be dismissed since it is long overdue although there are some who are of the opposite view. A lot of time and resources would be saved if the case is dismissed which can be used for other constructive work. By looking at the findings that have been reached this far, it is more clear that the murder was more of a government conspiracy.

If the government continue or does not continue with the investigation, the citizens will not be affected in any way only that the tax payers’ money will be used in this undertaking. As we all know, in most cases where the government is involved, the jury never reaches a conclusion and even if he does, it is always biased.

So, I believe that the government should close all investigations related to the incidents because it is likely that it will never come to an end. I am of the opinion that Kennedy’s assassination puzzle will never be definitively solved. A lot of facts were pretty solid back when they first happened in that nobody ever really put it together into one crossword puzzle. There were facts from the left and from the right, which have never been brought together in one format. It is even hard to figure out why Kennedy was assassinated.

It is believed that Kennedy was going to end the cold war and sign a nuclear treaty with the soviets; he would not have gone to war in Southeast Asia. He was starting a backdoor negotiation with Castro. Many people are still wondering why there is still so much conflict over the evidence in finding out how and why Kennedy was murdered considering that he was not one of the major presidents.

The genesis of the cover-up in the JFK at the national level lies with the FBI. Mountains of material were developed with many man-hours, and we are grateful for the agency. The faults of any bureaucracy are often great, and agencies come with built-in flaws that often mitigate against achieving the very thing that their mission dictates.

In this case, it was impossible for the FBI to do its job properly because the high command was rotten to the core, and its director J. Edgar Hover was not just seriously corrupt, but part of the conspiracy to overthrow the Administration. In addition, there were men in the Dallas office that covered up. They manufactured evidence, distorted evidence, and omitted evidence. Some authors have argued that this is the root of the so-called cover-up in the JFK case; the bureaucracies did it because they had to hide their own mistakes.

That really isn’t what happened. They covered up because they didn’t just blow it; there were radical conspirators among them who were paving the way for the overthrow of Kennedy. The catastrophe that flowed from this was that the Warren Commission was almost completely dependent upon what the FBI gave them.

The investigation was doomed and the history was doomed to a massive lie. The Warren report, later, bore little or no relationship to the evidence they actually had. In other words, it was a deliberate and massive lie. Not unless the investigations are conducted by another body apart from the Warren commission, it would be useless to launch a new investigation.

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