Hassan in The Kite Runner

February 1, 2021 by Essay Writer

A perfect pal could be referred to as someone who is sincere and credible, they make you laugh, someone you enjoy hanging around with, and many of all they know how to enjoy and choose you up when you’re down. The novel The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini illustrates the setting of a terrific friendship in the very best and most thoughtful method however the meaning does not seem to match with what others appear to think. Hassan and Amir reveal utmost commitment and humility towards each other but with one event the course of both of their lives change and both sides of their friendship do not stay equivalent.

In their youth days in Kabul Hassan acts as a brave, simple, thoughtful and hardworking, young boy who just wants for Amir to succeed and enjoy, almost to the extent of being too great to be real. Hassan displays these qualities and attributes through a variety of crucial and significant occasions.

Initially, Hassan secures Amir in any situation even if it puts him in risk. Second, after retrieving the kite from Assef, Hassan doesn’t even mention what took place to Amir showing his utmost commitment. Third, Even after he is betrayed by Amir, Hassan continues to lie for the individual he considers his friend.

Through these sets of events it will be apparent how Hassan shows his attributes and how he, as a character in the novel, may be thought about as “too great to be true” Hassan and Amir were raised together, grew up with each other and cohabited for a big piece of their lives. Although Amir is the only one that goes to madrehseh, school, Hassan does an excellent job of trying to stay up to date with Amir. In Afghanistan “school smarts” don’t get you that far in public life, circumstances occur where a young boy can not merely “think” his method out of it.

This sort of Scenario emerges between Hassan, Amir and a couple of boys who appeared to be up to no good. Assef, an infamous sociopath and violent young boy, and his 2 pals Wali and Kamal mock Amir for fraternizing a Hazara, which, according to Assef, is an inferior race whose members belong just in Hazarajat. One day, he prepares to assault Amir with stainless steel brass knuckles, however Hassan fearlessly withstands him, threatening to shoot out Assef’s eye out with his slingshot Amir had actually bought him. Assef chooses to walk away assuring to be back.

The fact that Hassan was only being bullied and not the one being threatened and still decides to stand up to Assef shows his absolute love and true loyalty to Amir. Even though this situation is early in the book, its significance is still that of utmost importance for the fact of it showing how Hassan will protect Amir in any and all situations even if it puts him in danger. The kite fighting tournament is an event that almost every child in Kabul participates in. For each child that flies a kite, there is one who runs and grabs the kite loosing kites as they fall.

Amir and Hassan form a team and they work together every year to try to win the tournament, Amir flies and Hassan runs the kites down. Against all odds they win the competition and Hassan goes to run it down. Soon enough Amir finds Hassan with Assef once again. Too scared to intervene, Amir stands and watches his most loyal friend Hassan get raped. One of the many climaxes of The Kite Runner is this scene because for the rest of Amir’s life he lives with it on his conscience, that he did not do anything to help.

Amir and Hassan never speak of that moment again but both of them know what had happened that day. Just like any other average person Hassan could have gotten very mad at Amir, but the fact that he chooses not to shows how humble, caring and considerate of Amir. Not only does Hassan later want to continue their relationship how it was before but he in fact looks to take the blame as he asks Amir later on what he had done wrong to upset him. All of Hassan’s actions are shown in the most loyal and confederate way.

As our novel progresses Hassan and Amir become further and further apart from each other, to the point that Amir eventually decides he would no longer like to live in the same household as him. All this time Hassan has been trying to make things wright between them but Amir would refuse to listen. Amir’s frustration ultimately leads to him framing Hassan to get him to leave. In a confusing exchange of dialogue Hassan takes the blame and apologizes, Baba accepts but Ali insists on their immediate dismissal. Again we see Hassan’s sheer love for Amir as he does not want him to get into trouble.

Taking all the blame seems to be one of the best ways that Hassan can show his friendship. Doesn’t seem like much, but having the courage and bravery to do it to this extent truly makes Hassan a literally unbelievable character. Although Hassan and Amir’s relationship does not match that which others believe to be true, it is much more. The reason their friendship isn’t the same as others is because they are not friends; they are and always will be brothers. Hassan character is a brave, humble, considerate and hardworking, young boy who only wishes for Amir to succeed and be happy.

Hassan displays these qualities and attributes through a number of important and notable events. First, Hassan protects Amir in any situation even if it puts him in danger. Second, after retrieving the kite from Assef, Hassan doesn’t even mention what took place to Amir showing his utmost loyalty. Third, Even after he is betrayed by Amir, Hassan continues to lie for the person he considers his best friend His character is without a doubt too good to be true because of the fact that Khaled Hosseini puts him in the wrong position, Hassan is not Amir friend nor will he ever be. They are brothers for life.

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