Greek Mythology: Dhara As The Most Beautiful Woman

December 17, 2021 by Essay Writer


Greek mythology presents the set of tales about many gods, goddess and heroes. In really ancient times, Greek mythology was passed down from one generation to another as stories by word of mouth. Later, they were defined in art form and appeared as images on vases. Dhara is also one of the main characters of Greek mythology who is considered as the most beautiful woman who has ever lived. She was residing in her life happily with her family but her death was so painful that anyone can ever imagine.


Dhara was born in the Mount Olympians. She was the daughter of Pale and Ghea, King of the Living Land. She had two friends named Deter, a beautiful horse and Lea, the goddess of water. She only had one brother named Miyan who loved Kiara but Kiara did not like Dhara as Kiara wanted herself to be the most gorgeous women but she had a scar in her face which made her not as beautiful as Dhara is. Dhara was a young woman and she looked like Persephone, Zeus’ and Demeter’s daughter. She grew up in Mount Olympians with her parents and her brother. She had a special power to attract anyone because of her beautiful and gorgeous face same as Persephone but she never negatively used her powers as she loved her parents a lot. She symbolises beauty and innocence. When she got kidnapped by Heirus, the god of the Underworld, she was heartbroken but later she found out that Heirus is a very kind and loving person and wanted her to be his bride, so she agreed and got married with him and with God’s will she gave birth to Herra. After giving birth to Herra, Dhara was so happy and residing her life peacefully with her husband, Heirus but one day, somebody stole Herra and Dhara went to his husband and made a request that she wanted Herra back at any condition. Heirus tried to find Herra a lot but never succeeded and after some time Dhara was feeling so weak and miserable as she was spending every single day by crying in the memory of her little daughter which made her blind one day and at last spending her whole life waiting for her daughter she lost the glory on her face and became so dull and died. Dhara got involved in a myth that she eloped with Paer, the most beautiful man before she got married to Heirus.


Dhara passed through many hardships as got kidnapped by Heirus, her husband and before her death, she lost her daughter whom she loved a lot. We can’t even think that she would be suffering from these difficulties in her life as she was so beautiful and innocent but we can’t trust destiny as our life depends upon it. So, we should never regret in our life if we lost something or in a bad time because if Dhara who was considered the most beautiful woman in Greek mythology suffered from obstacles then we are the normal humans how can we save ourselves from these hardships.


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