Greatest Series of All Time: “Stranger Things”

May 14, 2021 by Essay Writer

The television series, Stranger Things is one of the best shows ever made. This series is a science-fiction drama set in the 1980’s. It is about a group of friends who live in a small town near a secret government research lab. One of these friends goes missing, while something paranormal is close by. Throughout the show, new characters are introduced who help search for the missing child. This television show is the best series of all time for so many reasons. The first reason it is the best is because of its wonderful cast. Second, Stanger Things brings a great amount of mystery, leaving the audience in suspense. This creates wonder and curiosity, which makes the audience want to continue watching. Another reason is because there are many popular references used in the show, which makes it easily relatable. This television series is such an amazing, and intriguing show. The cast in Stranger Things is simply outstanding. All of the actors are amazing at what they do, and some even play roles that have never been seen before.

The actors are of all ages, which is great for a variety of viewers. The main characters are a group of young boys, who bring lots of humor and silliness to the show. Some of the scenes are very serious and dangerous, yet these boys always have some sort of comical implementation in the script. The most important actor, Millie Bobby Brown, who portrays the powerful and lovable Eleven, was only 13 years old in the first season. ¨She earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at age 13. She is also the youngest person ever to feature on TIME 100 list. ¨ (Burden). This displays how incredible her acting skills were at such a young age. The entire cast of the show truly makes this series so interesting to watch and with all the talented acting skills they can really make the viewers believe what is happening in the show. This type of show is so great because it keeps the viewers intrigued.

The way the show uses mystery really keeps people wondering what is going to happen next. Although this series uses mystery it also has other things that go on in the show that keep people begging for more. For example, this show also has comedy, romance and drama. The witty and nerdy middle school aged children bring some of the humor to the show. The highschool student actors play roles involving love and throughout the film. The drama of the show comes with the overall story of the show involving a missing child and monsters. This show keeps a large variety of people wanted to keep watching for all different reasons. The sci-fi mystery in the show is what keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. ¨In a lot of ways, it feels like the structure the X-Files should have adopted, laying out a clear and concise story and then actually telling all of its pieces, giving us enough answers to make viewers feel satisfied, but holding back enough to keep the ball rolling. ¨ (Allen) At the end of this series the show doesn´t give all the answers but enough to feel satisfied and gripping for more. The mystery in the show is so original and unique. This show is loved by many people too because it uses many references to other films, songs, and movies. Since this show is set in the 1980ś the references are used from things that were popular back then. Some of the songs used in the show are from the 80ś that bring a authentic feel. In season one the show uses many 80ś songs, but particularly focuses on The Clash’s ¨Should I Stay Or Should I Go. ¨ Along with many other 80´s songs bringing back the feeling of this time. The television series also references The Twilight Zone by giving the audiencethat creepy feel. ¨The theme music is all Twilight Zone creep and John Carpenter synths, while the visuals are basic red-on-black fuzzy graphics. ¨ (Kain) Another popular movie that is referenced in Stranger things is, Star Wars. Their is a part in the show when we see the characters playing with a toy Yoda and mimicking his voice.

This television series also useed many other references but these are some of the main ones that had stuck out. Although their are so many references in the show this series is still very original, and unlike any other show ever seen before. This is the greatest show ever because it draws people in. This show has a wonderful cast, uses different genres, and uses popular 80s references. All of these things are reasons why the show Stranger Things is the greatest show. The great cast allows people to believe in the show. The different genres allows a variety of people to enjoy the show. The 80s references brings people back to what was popular in their days. This is an overall great show and intriugues a large audience that is drawn in to the show.

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