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The statue of David was made by three legendary sculptures, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Bernini. It is also evident that all the three artists were (chronologically) referred to be the greatest artists of the renaissance period. All the three artists used their own interpretation and ideology to create their version of the David of Israel who killed the Goliath with only a stone and a swirl in his hands (Hauger, 1). Hence, the representation of David by all the three artists is intended to depict the heroic deed and character of David.

Comparing the 3 versions of David

In spite of the various differences between the three versions, a similarity also exists that all the three artists used different materials like marble, bronze and chisel to create his version of David. All the three represent youthful vibrancy of David’s character. Donatello depicts the posture where Goliath head is beneath David’s foot and David stands gallantly to show his victory (Hauger, 1). Bernini depicts the posture of David where he is throwing the stone at the Goliath and his twisted body gesture, which shows the strength it might have taken to throw the stone. Michelangelo’s David is most heroic as it illustrates the pre-war scene and physical calibre of David who is ready to defend Israel from the monster.

Contrasting features of the 3 versions

Donatello’s statue is boastful of physical beauty: David and is naked, wearing only boots and a bonnet. Michelangelo’s statue is totally nude. However, Bernini’s David is not nude and rather twisted in gesture. Moreover, Donatello shows David as a youth, while Michelangelo and Bernini show David as a mature adult. Donatello’s David is made of bronze and slightly tends towards homosexuality in its depiction of male body features, while other two versions are extremely masculine in their appearance (Italian Renaissance Art, 1).

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