European Framework National Statute for Tolerance Promotion Essay (Critical Writing)

November 16, 2020 by Essay Writer


Much attention is paid to such concepts as tolerance, social norms, and the development of trustful relations. However, many authors have certain doubts about a true worth of tolerance in society (Walters 2014). A European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance in the article chosen for the analysis. No authors are identified; still, it is the only evident shortage of the work. While reading this piece of writing, I learned new terms and definitions, determine the purposes of the Statute, and comprehend human rights, freedoms, and crimes that may become a threat to society. In this article, I observed that no intentions to involve the reader in the discussion were made.

The goal was to give the facts and inform people about the basics of tolerance. Though this article may seem to be similar to the recently adopted Co-existent tolerance peace developed by United Arab Emirates Minister of State for Tolerance (2016), these two projects have nothing in common with each other except the intentions to prove the importance of tolerance in society.

Key Points

A European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance is the source that may be perfectly combined with several other sources about tolerance and the ways of how governments try to use it. There are many articles about how the UAE government succeeded in the development of the national tolerance program and promoted the spirit of freedoms and tolerance to all citizens in regards to Islam beliefs and standards (“UAE cabinet approves national tolerance program” 2016; “UAE ministry takes tolerance initiatives” 2016; the United Arab Emirates the Cabinet 2017).

Besides, the article with the Statute helps to clarify the main points intolerant relations between people, the development of national relations, and even the respect to migrants and other social minorities. In addition to tolerance, such issues as respect, freedoms, and prejudice are discussed to explain to people how to behave and stay ethically correct in all relations (A European framework national statute n.d.).

Critical Reflection

The article has certain strong and weak points. On the one hand, a clear structure, facts, definitions, simple language, and a neutral tone should attract the reader due to the possibility to develop their own opinions and attitudes to the concept.

I guess this Statute aims at informing and guiding people but not calling some reactions and attitudes. On the other hand, the problem here, I believe, is the poor explanation of what people should do with the Statute. Is it necessary to follow the rules precisely? The reader cannot get the answer to such a question. Anyway, the chosen source helps to improve the level of knowledge and discover new aspects of the relations people have to develop in society. It is high time to combat against intolerance, and the Statute turns out to be a good source to rely on.


In thinking back, I want to say that this article and the creation of this critique play an important role in my education and my career. It is not possible to be an expert in the chosen field without knowing such simple terms as “tolerance”, “hate crimes”, or “society”. In such a country like the UAE, tolerance is an integral concept that is used to improve the quality of life and the conditions under which each citizen should live.

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