Dont Remove Huck-Finn!

August 2, 2021 by Essay Writer

Why would we remove a great American classic? We should not remove Huckleberry Finn. However, some people may believe that this novel causes way too many problems to still be available to read. This novel is one of the few books in American history that can relate to the situations that was going on when this book came out.

Huckleberry Finn may have caused many problems ever since it has been having been published, but it causes problems because people that read it doesnt want to be outside of their comfort zone. This is the number one reason why people dont want this book to be available to the public.

Huckleberry Finn teaches people about American history. It shows the readers how our country used to be. This story tells readers that we used to have slaves. At the beginning of this novel, Huck says Miss Watson has a big nigger named Jim. That was just the way of life back then, and people are offended by it. Mark Twain did not write this novel to cause controversies or to offend anyone. One of the main reasons he wrote this book is to show how the US used to be.

This novel was also written to show the readers how a white boy and a black man can get along with all the things that were happening back then. Huck and Jims relationship grows very close together while they both are trying to get free. It started when Huck went into that town and spoke to a woman. The woman told Huck that people were after Jim, so Huck ran back and said: Come on Jim they are after us. Huck said us because he believed that they were like family and that their relationship grew so close with one another.

Lastly, that Huckleberry Finn should not be removed is its just a good book to read. This book was written in the 1880s and its still a hot book. People love Huckleberry Finn, not because it has the n-word in it, but because it shows how whites and blacks can get alone. If people could get over the use of the n-word in this they would love it too. Huckleberry Finn is an awesome book for so many reasons, and it doesnt deserve to be taken away.

Huckleberry Finn is an amazing book, and people should not have the right to take this book away. This book has so many details about how life was in the past. This book teaches our students how to embrace the past, and shows our students that it was the way of life. It shows how a white person and a black person can get along with all the problems that we had back in the day. This book is an awesome book and it shouldnt be getting taken away from the people that love this book.

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