Compare and contrast Hitler and Castro

April 25, 2021 by Essay Writer

Hitler and Castro have lots of similarities and differences. For example they both used the weakness of their enemies, propaganda and sense of nationalism. They also have differences such as Castro came into power with a revolution while Hitler didn’t. Hitler was part of Nazi Party while Castro didn’t have a party. It was just him and his supporters. On their rise to power both Hitler and Castro used the weakness of their opponents. For Hitler it was the Weimar Government and for Castro it was Batista.

Batista was seen as an American puppet as he made an agreement with the US which stated that he would protect US business interests when he comes to power. Castro was able to use the hatred towards Batista for his own advantage. He attacked Batista and on radio while he was in Mexico which allowed him to gain support of the students which already hated Batista. With the help of the urban underground, USA’s reaction and his own leadership skills during the guerilla war, Castro was able to rise to power.

However Marxist historians believe that this was an uprising of the proletariat overthrowing the capitalist regime and Castro , a true Communist leader, led them in this quest. However this is not entirely true as during that time Castro didn’t announce that he was a communist. Also rather than the proletariat the peasants and students played a big role. Just like Castro, Hitler used the weakness of the Weimar Government for his advantage. The Weimar Government was seen as very weak as they were a coalition government and had proportional representation.

In his speeches Hitler blamed the weakness of this government as they were not even able to agree on issues like money. Even though the years of 1924-1929 was called the Golden Age, after 1929 with the economic depression the situation got worse. Just like Castro, Hitler blamed the Weimar Government for all the problems facing the country so he could rise to power. Another similarity between the two leaders is that they both used lots and lots of propaganda. During his rise to power Castro had many propaganda tools. He had his Radio Rebelde broadcasting revolutionary propaganda while he was in mountains.

Also the interview he did with Herbert Matthews was published on New York Times which made him an international figure and allowed him to create his image as a superhero, “ a modern-day Robin Hood fighting for justice and resisting oppression. ” Also his niceness towards the peasants and his impressive guerilla tactics added to his image of a hero. One of his most impressive propaganda tool is his speech he made at his trial called “History Will Absolve Me”. Hitler also made an impressive speech at his own trial which allowed him to only serve for 9 months at Landsberg Fortress.

During that time he wrote a book called Mein Kampf which was also a major propaganda tool. The Nazi Party also published a daily newspaper called Volkischer Beobatcher from 1925 February on. Both leaders used the sense of nationalism to rise to power. Cuba had a difficult history as it was a Spanish colony until 1898 when USA defeated Spain in a war. However it made no difference. According to the Platt Amendment, USA had a right to intervene in Cuba’s affairs and use Cuba as a holiday destination while using their cigars and sugar. Cuba was ruled under Batista the American puppet.

However Castro awakened the sense of nationalism in people. He came in with fresh, new ideas based on Marti ,the anti-imperialist revolutionary poet’s ideas. He promised land and sugar reform. He wanted nationalization of the utility companies. Hitler also used the sense of nationalism. Germany was ruled by Wilhelm the second during 1890. He created a strong sense of nationalism through Flotenpolick, social Darwinism, strong economy and lots of colonies. However with the defeat of 1WW and the war guilt brought by T of V, pride created by him was completely destroyed.

Hitler was able to use this situation to his advantage. He promised to break the T of V and brought back the sense of nationalism that Germany needed. On the other hand Hitler and Castro have lots of differences. For example Hitler had a party while Castro just had his supporters. Castro was not in a political party. He just had his supporters. His supporters were mainly uneducated workers and farmers at first. But later on all groups started supporting him such as the students and some wealthy people like Celia Sanchez.

However Hitler was part of the Nazi Party. In 1921 Hitler became the party’s chairman and slowly led the party to victory. Another difference is Castro came into power with a revolution while Hitler was chosen by Hindenburg and von Papen. Castro used violence against Batista. For example he started the guerilla war in mountains of Sierra Maestra. After losing Batista losing attacks by Castro such as Sierra de Escambray and Santiago, Batista fled to the Dominican Republic on 1959. Castro had won. For Hitler this process was much more different.

Even though the Nazi Party got the highest votes on the elections Hindenburg and von Papen didn’t offer him chancellor. However in 1933 they finally offered him chancellor thinking they could control him. Unfortunately they were wrong. Castro and Hitler have many similarities. They are both leaders which used propaganda, sense of nationalism and weakness of their enemies in their rise to power. However the process in which they rise to power is very much different. For example Castro uses a revolution while Hitler is chosen. Castro only had his supporters while Hitler had the Nazi Party.

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