Characters in Bryan’s “So Much Unfairness of Things” Essay (Critical Writing)

June 29, 2022 by Essay Writer

Updated: Apr 21st, 2021

Reading “So Much Unfairness of Things” by C.D.B. Bryan, I feel that I can relate to the main character’s overall situation and the pressure he feels from family to succeed in a scholarly atmosphere. I can see that the pressure for Phillip to do well has been engrained in him probably since childhood: “He was the fifteenth of his family to attend the Virginia Preparatory School” (Bryan). Having had family members attend a school for many generations can make anyone feel the drive to do well, especially if they are not, and everyone else before him did do well.

In addition, I can relate to praying to god for some intervention to do well on an exam as Phillip did in the chapel before his Latin exam. Sometimes, it can feel hopeless if you have not studied the materials beforehand and, as a student, I have hoped that by praying the answers will just come to me in an exam. Finally, I can understand the desire to cheat on an exam, even though I never have. Phillip used the notes he found hidden in his desk in order to do well on the translation portion of his exam. It can be very tempting if you are under pressure to write a note on your hand or hide a piece of paper in your jeans’ pocket.

I think Phillip’s reaction would be like mine if I were to cheat and get caught. He felt very ashamed that he let down his father and family, but it was admirable that he admitted that he did cheat in the end. This is something I would do.

I do not identify with this character’s family situation. My family is very supportive of my education and would not push me to succeed because of familial history at a school. They would applaud my efforts and encourage me to work hard and do my best. In addition, I would never cheat on an exam, and most importantly, I would never sign a statement that I had not cheated if I had. I feel that it is dishonest to lie and sign something saying that you have not. Cheating is wrong, and I feel that someone should do their own work.

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