Chapters 31-34 of “Your Paradise” by Yi Chong-jun Essay

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The chapters from p. 442 to p. 511 give the answers to all questions that may appear during reading the whole story. There are three main issues in this particular reading – two letters from Sanguk to Cho and Haewon-Miyon wedding that becomes a symbol of new hope, a better future, and proof that everything can be changed for good. From the letters, the reader comprehends why Sanguk cannot accept Cho’s enthusiasm in creating a paradise for the lepers on the island. He explains that “a true paradise depends not so much on its design and how great it may appear, but more on the degree to which choices are allowed” (Yi 469) and adds that even if Cho completes the project, he cannot provide all patients with the required portion of freedom. This is what makes Sanguk sad and deserves as one of the reasons to leave the island the way he did.

Cho was “not trying to build a paradise for humans but for lepers” but “only tried to understand them as lepers, people who could be accepted under special conditions with certain compromises” and “didn’t try to understand them as normal people” (Yi 471). This is what was necessary for the island, and no one could grasp it. Elder Hwang offers that freedom and love are necessary for all the islanders. However, with time, Cho comes to another conclusion and proves that “without power, love and freedom are nothing but empty words” (Yi 495). This is why, at the end of the reading, the author introduces a wedding between a former leper and an ordinary worker of the island as a symbol of love (they follow their feelings), freedom (they neglect all rules and prejudices), and power (they use their interests and prove their importance). Though it is not clear if the island may be changed dramatically or not, it is evident that something and someone may be changed.

Whom does Cho give the letters from Sanguk and why?

The answer is clear for those, who read the story. It is the reporter, who wants to know more about the island and the reasons why the life of the islanders cannot be changed. Only a thoughtful reader can provide a deeper answer and find out more reasons for Cho’s decision to share the letter with the reporter. For example, Cho wants to prove his clear mind in regards to the island and the life on it or Cho chooses this person as the only one, who deserves to know the answers, etc.

Why does Haewon postpone his wedding for so long?

The answer to this question shows how attentive the reader is. The wedding was delayed for seven years as Haewon rejected his bride’s proposition because of some personal fears as well as because of his jealousy. The impact of castration should be mentioned. Finally, the wedding becomes one of the crucial symbols of the novel, the symbol of hope, and a new beginning.

Why does Sanguk believe that the Oma project cannot make the islanders alive?

In this answer, two of Sanguk’s letters should be analyzed. Sanguk gives several clear reasons why the islanders do not need paradise: they have to want to leave the island and believe that they deserve the right to live among ordinary people and they have to be pushed to make some actions using the poor attitude of the personnel. Healthy people, like Cho, should have the right to create a paradise for the lepers as these people cannot comprehend the lepers and treat them the necessary way.

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