Analysis of the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Essay

December 22, 2020 by Essay Writer

My experience watching the theatre show about ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was wonderful judging from the relevancy of the show with the original written script. Generally, the play was interesting with a performance of above average rating. Furthermore, it exhibited the most important aspects of a true Romeo and Juliet narrative.

Apart from the entire production, I was impressed with the script since it presented all the major themes in a typical Romeo and Juliet volume. Some of the vital themes from the author’s narrative include the theme of fate. A perfect example of fate from the play was when lord Capulet’s servant tried to find an intellectual who possibly will read the guest list to him. In that exact moment, Benvolio and Romeo enter the room, and Romeo declared his reading ability. This unplanned meeting highlights the weight of destiny in the show.

Another interesting scene of the production that makes it real understanding of the authors work is the casting of the romantic love between Romeo and Juliet, the physical love of the nurse and the contractual love by Paris.

Lastly, the film displayed the actual meaning of gender and social disparity. A perfect example from the film (that communicated the real meaning of the author’s narrative) is Mercutio who proposed dissimilarity among people depending on ranking or social class.

The direction of the film was excellent, for the fact that the director casting choice was perfect. This aspect added taste to the entire play and made it appear real as narrated in the novel.

The setting of the show was perfect, with a fitting decoration of traditional English background. The set was up to my expectation, and it accommodated the various locations required for the story. Also the set added the traditional English value to the production.

Could I see everything? Perfectly well, the use of black and white lighting heightened the whole experience because they added visual interest, suggested relevant atmosphere and above all distinguished between foreground and background of the stage. I could tell from the varying shapes of light on the stage that gobos lighting was employed. This gave the production a high standard ancient-like production.

The costumes were appropriate for the characters and the period which the original event took place in ancient England. From the show, it was observed that various colors symbolized different status in ancient England. Another observation about the costume of the characters is the use of shield or guard. The dressing code in the film helped me to identify the different social classes that I would not have identified.

The props suited the occasion because old traditional furniture occupied the stage and this enhanced relevancy and similarity with the original ancient setting. This enabled me to connect with the story in a realistic way.

The sound was quite disruptive at some point due to a technical hitch; this rather diverted my attention from the flow of the play for a while. Generally, the sound was audible and it produced a fair performance apart from the technical hitch.

Generally, the film was an excellent production, all the characters were represented in the play and this made the play consistent. Besides, Romeo and Juliet performance enhanced the play and improved the production with original feature. In summary, the whole performance of the play was interesting and enhanced better knowledge of Romeo and Juliet actual narrative.

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