Analysis Of The Cause And Effect In Theodore Taylor’s Novel The Cay

April 15, 2021 by Essay Writer

The cay was a very interesting and detailed book. This book was short but had the touch of a good writer. It teaches that sometimes God must let bad things happen to us to make us change. God does not enjoy putting us through trials, but sometimes he must, so he can soften our hearts. That is what God had to do with Phillip to soften his heart towards black people. God wanted Phillip to know everyone is equal and has worth, even if they have different colored skin or funny voices. Phillip learnt many life lessons about people and other things, due to the terrible thing that happened to him.

The Hato was bombed on April 6, 1942, by Nazis. Phillip later in that day, was rescued from the cruel sea by a “big, ugly black man”. Phillip did not like being dependent on, or even near a negro. He thought black people were beneath him and he looked down upon Timothy. Phillip was interested in Timothy’s funny speech, funny look, and funny actions, even though he didn’t enjoy his company. Phillip was very disobedient and grumpy towards Timothy. Timothy liked Phillip the young bhass but did not understand why he was so unkind.

Timothy and Phillip drifted onto a small island after four days out on the sea. He did not enjoy being with Timothy, not at all, but he was starting to understand him a little bit, even though he would never admit it. Phillip though he was starting to get Timothy a little bit, he still thought of him as a big, old, dumb negro. After a while, on the island, they started to understand each other, but then a few days after they changed almost completely, something terrible happened. Timothy gave up his life during a Caribbean hurricane, to save Phillips. Philip was angry and disappointed that Timothy died, but he knew he had to survive somehow without him. Philip learned to survive alone, without Timothy by his side, helping guide him.

At around two weeks after Timothy died, Philip Heard and noise but thought it was thunder, it was Stew cat who made him think otherwise. He tried to flag down the plane that was flying overhead, but it did not stop. Philip was sad and depressed. Then suddenly a boat appeared out of nowhere and a man named Scotty and his companion rescued Philip. Philip Got back to the mainland and his mother and father came to see him.

His mother was sorry for ever taking him on the Hato. Philip thought it was a good lesson, he finally understood blacks. They went back to St. Anna Bay, his hometown in April, an exact year from when the Hato sunk. In St. Anna, Philip would go down to where the black people lived to talk and spend time with them. Philp said that when he grows up he will go in search of his small cay and see it with new eyes and find the grave he dug for Timothy.

Philip was changed on his shipwrecked adventure. Sometimes we must go through difficult things, but in the end, they help us become better people if we let them. He went from disliking negros to enjoying their company more than his friends. He chose to be changed on his journey, not discouraged. Philip respected and cherished the memories of the big negro. He learnt that everyone has worth and a purpose, even negros. So now you see why sometimes God has to drag us kicking and screaming towards change, because we won’t do it otherwise.


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