An Issue Of Money Spending In “Stuff is Not Salvation” And “On Dumpster Driving” Texts

January 28, 2022 by Essay Writer

In the “Stuff is Not Salvation” by Anna Quindlen, she talks about how people in America get carried away and spend their money on ridiculous things. They need to realize what they spend their money on and what impacts occur because of their decisions. Anna Quindlen is completely against people wasting their money. She goes to futher explain the different between what you actually need and what you don’t need at all. She also goes to explain that you really don’t need to buy expensive items to impress other people. In the text “On Dumpster Driving” by Lars Eighner talks about how people spending their money just to be wastful. Both authors are correct. Why spend money on ridiculous things that they don’t even need.

People think the stuff they buy will change their lives, but they don’t realize that they are being inconcerated because why waist money on something that somebody else can really use cause your not going to do nothing but throw it out. Just because the advertisements make it seem intersated, and inresitable, doesn’t mean you need to buy it! When people waste money on unnecessary stuff it shows that it is easy to sell anything. There are way more important things to buy for example, school, food, shelter etc. It’s okay to buy nice thing and take care of yourself but people shouldn’t go overboard and buy expensive items that you don’t need, or can get cheaper.

People shoul priorities their decisions better because they are wasting money that can be invested into something smart, or safer. So basically spending money to waste the belongings, and still won’t be happy. If people just thought about their decisions more and realize what can occur from spending their money. In the text, “On Dumpster Driving” by Lars Eighner, Eighner talks about how people throw out valuable things after spending their money on it.

“Stuff is Not Salvation” (Quindlen) she says “does anybody really need a flat screen, or a designer handbag”? In other words, she is saying was buying that flat screen worth it , are your bills paid, food on your table ect. When they buy all that stuff , they still aren’t going to be happy. People should think about if the items they are about to buy are going to be useful and helpful. In the text, “On Dumpster Driving” (Eighner) he explains that people just waste their money on things they don’t need and once they get tired of it, he finds it in the dumpster. If it ends up in the dumpster and it’s not food that you brought, they wasted their money because they didn’t need it in the first place, now did you.

Both authors have a connection. They show that people waste their money on unnesccary items, Anna Quindlen shows how people think they need something when it’s not important so all they want to do is spend their money on things and throw it out when they get tired of it. The way that connects with Lars Eighner is that he was a dumpster diver and he would find as he said “perfectly new” things that people just waste. He explains how sefish people are when they just waste stuff that other people in the world can’t even have because they don’t have the money to afford. I completely agree with both of the authors in each text because I know there is a difference between wanting something and needing it. Americans whom understand the difference are most likely to be the people who are smart with their money and can control themselves.

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