Alice Walker – “Everyday Use”

January 14, 2021 by Essay Writer

Everyday Use is told in mama point of view. The author starts of by describing the her as “a large, big-boned woman with rough, man working hands.” Mama has two daughters, the younger daughter is named Maggie. she is described as a shy, quiet, and sensitive girl, and out of the two daughters, Maggie is the more traditional girl who plans to get married soon. Dee is the oldest daughter who is described as having a lot of confidence, she is intelligent and very well driven. The story begins as Mama and Maggie wait for Dee to return, Dee had left mama to get an education and make a name for herself. As both Mama and Maggie wait for Dee, the author give us more details about Mama’s life and her relationship with Dee. We see that Dee has always wanted more than her family history or her mom could provide for her. Everything she was able to acquire with all her accomplishments came at the expense of her mother and little sister.

When Dee shows up, she is wearing African clothing and is accompanied by a young man named, Hakim-a-barber, who is her boyfriend. Mama is disappointed by the man refers to him as “Asalamalakim,” she is also disappointed in Dee’s appearance. They say their greeting and all that, that’s when Dee says she rather be called her new name, Wanhero (an African name), to protest those who have oppressed her. Their presence there was not intended on connecting with Mama or Maggie, Dee and her boyfriend where here to search through

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