A Review of the Book, Who Moved My Cheese

October 20, 2021 by Essay Writer

The book “Who Moved my Cheese” is a little cheesy itself. It tries to persuade the reader that life is your choice; it is up to you what happens. Although that is true, it seems that the book makes it look as if it is one easy move. I guess things could change that easily in some circumstances. But as the book portrays, many people have changed their life by a book that follows the story of four mice.

This book suggests that people these days find something that they believe makes them happy, they become comfortable with the situation and stop appreciating what they have right in front of them. They become more unaware of what is changing with small details and become so fixed in a way that they are not ready for any adjustments in the plan. Also, the more a person obtains the same material everyday; they expect it all the time and are not prepared to live life without it. People tend to blame situations on others when they have no other explanation or do not want to blame it on themselves. In the book, Hem is very stubborn and does not want to enter a new situation due to a fear of failing or exploring something out of his what makes him comfortable. On the other hand, Haw has a vision and is ready to adventure out and search out new cheese, but like many people do, Haw decides to listen to Hem and not try because of the pressure from him. Although sometimes it may be hard to believe that things will get better, you have to go in with a realistic view of a goal and not be afraid to go after what will make you happy. It is better to control your own life than let it control you in a way that you can’t fix; don’t ever expect or take advantage of something. This book inspires you to keep going after something does not go as planned, to expect and be ready for the worst, and move on when it happens.

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