What is an American?

December 19, 2021 by Essay Writer

What is an American? To Be an American it means that to induce marriage and love. Participating in marriage and having a wedding may be a ritual practiced by most Americans throughout all centuries. Love and Lust is simply a part of an everyday American life. Rather its sensible love or unhealthy love, or simply lust. Some type of romantic play falls in line at one point or another. Americans can and will fight for love, and fight for who they’ll love. In “A Farewell to arms”, Lieutenant Frederic Henry is a young American ambulance driver serving within the Italian army throughout world war. Even after acquiring injuries, and ruined from WW1, lieutenant Henry can’t keep his eyes off Catherine. Wouldn’t one suppose with all that’s on his everyday schedule as well as War, and injury? One may not have time for love. But No, being the American Frederic Henry is he is infatuated. Frederic says, ”God is aware of I had not needed to fall in love with her. I had not wanted to fall in love with anyone. however, God is aware I had”. Henry states that he did not wish to fall in love with anyone, however, he did anyway.

Well, One should apprehend that an American is susceptible to catching feelings for somebody in any romantic manner is sort of a guarantee. Either if it’s online, or in your existence, like college, work, Etc. Love is an Americans method of being financially supported, and ones sexual, and emotional desires met. This identifying feature is some things most foreign or “non-American” can notice regarding America. Its something permanently placed upon in our desoxyribonucleic acid. What is an American? Wealth and Materialism. Cash may be a large inducement in America. Everything in America in revolves around currency. Rather it’s taxes or education. Acquiring Cash in an Americans life can virtually cause problems. Rather it’s feeding a baby, or paying for rent, or paying for taxes, or gas for an automotive, or insurance for an automotive.

Therefore as an American, one may spend years and years, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars simply to induce an education degree. Then get employment and work additional, for currency. In “The Great Gatsby”, Tom and Daisy’s movements are supported by their cash. At the start of the novel, they move to trendy East Egg, once on the move between “wherever individuals contend polo and were wealthy along,” and are ready to terribly quickly obtain and leave at the end of the book after the murders, because of the protection their cash provides. Daisy, for her part, solely begins her affair with Gatsby once an awfully elaborated show of his wealth is shown, therefore the mansion tour. She even breaks down in tears once Gatsby shows off his preposterously expensive set of colored shirts, crying that she’s “never seen such stunning shirts” before.

Therefore shows what one will do to own material wealth or be around it. This shows however ignorant an American is often generally. I mean having an affair with one simply to be around his wealth… very American like. The no different text represents an American better than “The Great Gatsby”. Nothing represents an American more than the working class. In keeping with Bureau of Labor Statistics. Americans work more than anyone within the industrial world. More than the English, more than the French, far more than the Germans or Norwegians. Even, recently, more than the Japanese. And Americans take less vacation, work longer days, and retire later, too. Rather it’s blue-collared, or Doctoring. Working may be a must, and a necessity to live in America. Everything revolves around currency, however, to amass that currency you need to work. In Nickel and Dimed: Ehrenreich tries to work out whether or not it’s present potential for an individual to live on a minimum-wage in America. Taking jobs as a server, a maid in an exceedingly cleanup service and a Walmart sales worker, the author summarizes and reflects on her work, her relationships with fellow employees, and her money struggles in every state of affairs.

A seasoned journalist, Ehrenreich is conscious of the constraints of her experiment and therefore the implications of her experiential analysis ways and reflects on these problems within the text. The author is forthcoming regarding her strategies and supplements her experiences with bookish analysis on her places of employment, the economy, and therefore the rising value of living in America. Ehrenreich spends years on this project. Also, dedicates her life to this project. So it’s very trustworthy. So what you ask. Materialistic wealth is in high demand in America. It is in high demand because who wants to have a life based on the setting of Nickel and Dimed. In Alan Jackson’s working-class song he uses a line ”But there’s nothing wrong with a hard hat and a hammer, Kind of glue that sticks this world together, Hands of steel and cradle of the Promised Land, God bless the working man”. The promised land (America), is cradled by the working class. Which means without the working class America wouldn’t be America. It would be a pile of a dump like the middle-east. Where representing and worshiping their god is more important than anything. Nothing describes an American more than these words.Immigrants and Immigration. Almost 2 percent of “Americans”, were not originally from America. So clear the color white, the English language, and American or soul food, and the religion Christianity from your head for a little bit.

The united states of America are the land of the free. The home of the brave. The land of the immigrants. America was founded upon Immigrants. America is known for being culturally diverse, and different because of immigrants. Without them we would be like any other country, dull and cultureless, People love America for the variety of our cultural elements. Immigrants are much needed and wanted in America. Don’t let trump fool you, he needs immigrants as much as he needs his tanning lotion, and golf, and Twitter. In Paul Wellman’s PDF it states “At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the forces of globalization are rapidly creating a new world. International trade is steadily expanding, while national borders are losing their significance. People, ideas, and goods traverse the globe at an ever-accelerating pace. In the world of the future, the United States will stand out as a shining example. While rigid nationalism continues to hold back many countries, Americans can take pride in a heritage that promotes openness, tolerance, and diversity.

Compared to our chief economic rivals in Japan and Western Europe, the UnitedStates is poised to compete in the international marketplace. American movies, music, fashion, and brand names are attractive to people throughout the world because they symbolize a culture that embraces and celebrates many cultures. Immigration puts our country in touch with the tastes and preferences of consumers worldwide and gives U.S. companies an edge in opening export markets. From its earliest days, the United States has been a land of opportunity for people outside our borders. Each wave of immigrants has contributed to the United States’ greatness and enriched our society. Today, immigrants are still coming. This latest generation of immigrants contains the best and brightest from a rich variety of cultures and regions. Even those lacking a formal education are driven by a strong sense of initiative and an unshakable work ethic. They have come because they believe the United States is the land of opportunity. They recognize that the theUnited States rewards hard work and ability like no other country in the world. In the end, the talents, ambitions, and dreams they bring will benefit all Americans. Keeping our doors opens the world know that the United States remains a country that looks forward to tomorrow.”, America advances the opportunity to change more than any other country in the world. To Be An American you are not perfect. You must make mistakes. You must sin. You must display certain behaviors to be propounded upon. In The Minister’s Black Veil Without a doubt, the most important symbol is the black veil itself. To the townspeople, Hooper’s veil is a clear sign that he is trying to show for he has sinned.

Thus, Hopper paraphrases he intends the veil to be a symbol of mankind’s general sinfulness, not any specific wrongdoing. their own, and don’t want to acknowledge it. Hooper’s black veil also represents bravery, and it symbolizes Americans. As Americans we were born to sin, it’s in our blood. Another special meaning of being American is to come together in times of struggle and also in times of celebration. Events such as the moon landing, and the JFK assassination, and 911. Brung us Americans down in the dumps, and on the edge of our feet. But one thing’s for sure. When we get knocked down we come together as a nation and stand right back up. Because Americans are strong and brave, and prideful and patriotic. To be an American it means to be successful. The first flight in 1903 performed by the wright brother themselves were Americans. Many inventors around the world were working on controlled, powered, manned flight projects, but the Wright brothers from Ohio were the first to make it a reality. Unfortunately, they also invented the airplane crash fatality. First shown to the world in 1973 by American television and radio manufacturer, Motorola, the cell phone has become a worldwide device that makes communications in most civilized places oh so easy. It is hard to even remember what teenagers did before this invention. Other things it means to be an American being PoliticalBeing spoiledBeing culturally diverse now that we have finished our journey into America.

Think, Do you have a better understanding of what it means to be an American? Did you learn something new? Being an American is more than just being a citizen. It’s among other things such as belonging to American culture. Movies, television shows, and sports create heroes, a language, and references for Americans. Be proud to be an American, just know you could be somewhere else right now. Somewhere where water and shelter are not heard of. Somewhere where you wife cant drive. Somewhere where you can vote, or choose who is your president. Somewhere where you have no amendments or a constitution. Somewhere where you can’t drink or smoke a little weed once in a while. So stop complaining about and be proud of who you are. An American.

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