Towards World War III Scenario By Michel Chossudovsky

July 29, 2022 by Essay Writer

In this book author discusses United States (US) plans against Iran. The major cause on attacking Iran was the US interest in the region. Author mentioned US interest was oil reserves of Iran. Iran exists in the list of world largest oil reserves country. US plans both conventional and nuclear attacks against Iran. It also adds how US used Israel against Iran. It mentioned the role of NATO countries which perform activities against Iran. Furthermore, it also discusses how US started intervention on Iranian territory and also indicates the stance of US for intervening on Iran. US stance was that, Iran is a country which can proliferate nuclear technology and also Iran helps terrorists in the region. Another stance was that Iranian Government developed weapon of mass destruction (WMD). These all elements shaped the structure of world war III according to author. US started a long war which threat the future humanity of world. International community has given the name of nuclear “world peace”. This shows that they want to maintain the world peace in the name of nuclear war. It is only the justification for launching a military operation which could potentially result in a nuclear holocaust.

Author also explains plans of US briefly. US formulated plans in 2004. Congress legitimized pentagon to use thermo-nuclear weapons on conventional level in Middle East and central Asia. US issued $6 billion budget in the plan of 2004. This all budget only for making new generation of “defensive” tactical weapons or “mini nukes”. Chossudovsky mentioned the order of vice president Dick Cheney of 2005. He ordered Strategic Command to draft a ‘contingency plan’. This plan included a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. The plan is a reference of pentagon’s 2001 nuclear posture review (NPR) which is called preemptive first strike use of nuclear weapons against Russia, china as well as Iran and North-Korea. US indicated 450 strategic targets in Iran of the plan which is initiated by US government in 2005. Writer also include that according to the plan of 2005 they clearly indicate the targets which US want to attack on Iran. This plan also exists the nuclear areas of Iran where they are performing nuclear activities. President Obama has announced the doctrine of pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons which is formulated by the previous administration. Obama administration include another plan that if Israel attacks on Iran then US will use “mini nukes” against Iran.

He also mentioned that US-Israel strike against Iran would not be limited to only nuclear facilities of Iran. The plan includes US and Israel air attack on both military and civilian infrastructure, transport systems, factories and public buildings. Both countries include new technological developments. Such as, electro-metric weapons and environmental modification techniques (ENMOD). He notes that the US stepped up its military ship to Israel, its NATO allies, and to countries bordering Iran. Israel in 2004 took shipment of the first of 500 U. S. -made BLU 109 “bunker buster” bombs. The US has supplied thermonuclear bombs to Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey, and Great Britain. Turkey alone, a partner in the U. S. anti-Iran coalition, has 90 thermonuclear B61 bombs at its Incirlik nuclear air base. These all activities of US are only for encircling Iran from its all border areas. He also added, “It is not Iran and North Korea which are a threat to global security but the United States of America and Israel also threatening the global security due to proliferating the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and nuclear weapons or thermonuclear weapons to other countries mentioned above.

Western European governments also have joined the bandwagon and have endorsed the U. S. -led military initiative against Iran. He also says that, at atomic attack on japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on august 6, 1445 has threatened all humanity of the world. The all world is be in rune. It is the direct threat to the world security. It would change the whole structure of the world. It also noted that, US has nuclear-armed carrier task forces in waters near Iran. It has also built 40 military bases in the surrounding of Iran borders. The US has 20, 000 nuclear bombs available to use against Iran and Israel has 2oo nuclear bomb which is also against the Iran. US spend $700 billion on their militarily forces a year, moreover, is 100 times the rate of Iran’s $7 billion annual military outlay.

Author also indicated that, the whole game behind the war against the Iran is only for the oil. It mentioned the content that the whole thing behind Iran was “Battle for oil”. More than 60% of the world oil and gas reserves lie in Muslim lands. The “Battle for oil “waged by the US-NATO-Israel military alliance require the demonization of the inhabitants of those countries which possess these vast reserves of oil and natural gas. Iran possess ten percent of global oil and gas reserves. It also mentioned the “the mother of all bombs” (MOAB) slated to be used against Iran. It is the monster weapon of 21, 500-pound. The MOAB was tested in March 2003 before being deployed to the war theater. The cost of MOAB $58. 4 million. It also says that MOAB is a conventional “killing machine”. Writer also code that the US will start activities against Iran by giving a stance of an attack of 9/11. This event is a fuel of US which runs the activities of US against all other states. But the writer critic on them by saying that, “US is a source of terrorism on self. Because US originate Taliban’s itself to use against Russia in Afghanistan”. It is only the game of US for controlling on the natural resources of the week countries. Because they know that week countries can’t face their aggression.

Critical analysis

Michel Chossudovsky provides very good source for understanding the whole scenario of world war III. The author writes this book in good manner. They clearly identify everything which can exist in the whole game of world war which US wants to initiate against Iran. Other countries also included but the main country/state which US want to attack or the key element of world war III is Iran. Writer written this book by so biasedness’. All game was initiated by US for only to control natural reserves of Iran nothing more. By the one thing is that writer would critic US in every aspect. They don’t discuss the role of Iran properly how Iran is victim of US. They miss the element of reasons. Many reasons exist against Iran because it is doing such activities which take it on front of US to attack or to launch world war and also supported many extremist groups. Iran is the world’s most extremist state. It made ill legal weapons and want to proliferate. They start illegal developing nuclear weapons. US government original stance was that Iran will make Illegal weapons such as Biological, Chemical weapons as well as nuclear that why we attack on them. We want peaceful world. Author only critic on US. They don’t see the role of US they just say that US want to achieve on Iran oil reserves. The also critic on Israel but don’t see the reality between Israel and Iran. The Shah of Iran give a speech on revolution time, “we will control the Jerusalem and erase the history of Christianity. We will attack on Israel and eliminate Cristian’s hub from the world”. Being a social scientist, they must code the things based on reality. One must see the evidences of background events. The whole book is so Iran centric but author should be balance both equally. They discuss the scenarios of world war III but I can totally critic on US.

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