Told By Erich Maria Remarque

January 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

Based on the story told by Erich Maria Remarque, the stories about the war then eventually being in the war ruined these soldier’s life before they even died. The major them that can be found in the book is brutality. Those events are praised out throughout the book.

The novel centers on a young German soldier, Paul Bume and his experiences throughout a period of World War I. One of the major themes found in the novel was the difficulty for the soldiers to revert to their civilian life after having experienced extreme combat during the war. One of the quote told by the author refers to how these man’s lives were drastically change, and even those who survived the war were still affected by it (2).

This internal comment made by Paul B?¤ume the main character of the novel, entirely explained how each of his fellow classmates, friends, and soldier left about them being in the war.Nationalism can be defined in many ways, however, in this book the author refers to nationalism as belonging or even loyalty. At the Beginning of the novel, we read that Paul Baumer and his classmates had volunteered to enlist in the war. However, what really happened was Their schoolmaster Kantorek, their parents filled their head with lies which glorified the war. During those time, not enlisting in the war would be cowardly, sort of like you were Turing your back on those who need you the most, your country.We believe in such things no longer, we believe in the war. (42) all their life goal changed their aspiration and desire to become somebody, or even find somebody.

This novel sets out to enfaces war as it was experienced, replacing the romantic picture of glory placed by their parents and teacher with a decidedly unromantic vision of fear, meaninglessness, and butchery which was, in fact, the reality. Paul B?¤ume is the main character of the novel. Throughout the novel, he is forced to mature for his safety, which eventually deeply affected him as a person.The author refers to Paul and his friends as the lost generation. Young men who went straight out of school into the war. There were many incidents, killing, sickness and many lives were lost.

As a result, Paul like many others learned to detached themselves completely in order to stay san and survive. One quote that stood out to me while referring to the struggles they faced during the war was Paul statement regarding his friend Albert Kropp. He says, witnessing his friend death was devastating, but after seen death all around you get used to it (128). Because All Quiet on the Western Front is set among soldiers fighting on the front, one of its main focuses is the ruinous effect that war has on the soldiers who fought it.At some point, Paul said that because of all they seen, done they aren’t young kids anymore (42). To me this kind of fell like out of the blue the world had stop and suddenly all they knew about the world and themselves had to change, they were no longer just eighteen years old but they were soldiers. The irony is that they consider themselves adults because of their experiences rather than youths.As time go on and Paul returned home, he was incapable to image his life without the war.

Even his mom who he was close with didn’t feel as connected to him anymore he became incapable to speak with her. He also found that he didn’t belong anymore even though the town hadn’t change. He even states that he feels he doesn’t belong anywhere anymore (79). Paul continue saying that at his age twenty years old, yet he doesn’t know anything about life (125) This quote stood out to me because it summed up what the impact the war left on the soldier, although some lived they were dying inside. All they knew after the war was, violence, fear, and despair. At time Paul also felt frustrated with his father, he often asked questioned about his time during war. He’s answer would always be that you can’t talk about such things.

This quote told by Paul’s comrade to felt applied to everyone. now as time had went on he realized that Paul was just like him (106) I think at time we as individual or even the society we need in today pressure’s individual to participant in all sorts of activities they otherwise wouldn’t. this could be gangs, bullying, theft, or perhaps even murder or assault. But in the end, I think we realize that those people we pressure are just people like us and we could also be them.

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