Theodore Roosevelt’s Life

December 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

In the book Theodore Roosevelt: A Life, Nathan Miller states that his book is written for readers who would like to know the full story of Theodor Roosevelt’s life. It’s a book of 567 pages of detailed writing on Theodor Roosevelt, complete biography of a man with mostly all his events and difficulties in it. It really shows an experienced picture of Theodore Roosevelt a man and as President in the book.

Miller very well captures the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt’s inspiring life. The descriptions of Roosevelt’s life to 1901 are informative, enjoyable, and very interesting. I found the second half of book more interesting, were author describes the life of TR has President of United in 1901 until his death in 1919.

In November 1900, William McKinley easily won re-election of the Presidency with the help of Theodore Roosevelt (TR) as running mate, and Theodore Roosevelt was made Vice Presidency. Ten months later, on September 6, 1901, President McKinley was assassinated by a young revolutionary. And Eight days later, President McKinley died and instantly Theodore Roosevelt (TR) was made the President of the United States. Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest to become President in the United States history.

Roosevelt as President was progressive and reformer, he had his own typically activist course of governance. In his 7?? years at the White House, President Roosevelt completely changes both the office he holds and people’s view on what the future role of the President should be. He didn’t like the growing governance of the wealthy in the nation and pointed many of his programs at reducing their power. Roosevelt was always aware and ready with sweet-talking, persuading and using every means he had to complete his progressive political agenda.

President Roosevelt was appreciated very well for successfully prosecuting Northern Securities and Standard Oil companies under the Sherman Act of 1890. He aimed the full control of the Federal government over the private sector, effectively restricting the worst corporate misuses and shutting down of the many unsafe and unhygienic industries. During presidency period of TR, the Departments of Labor and Commerce were established as cabinet level agencies.

Roosevelt was supporter of a Central American canal and first tried to encourage Colombia to get their permission and sign lease with the United States to dig a canal through Panama. But the Colombian government hesitates, and TR in-return just works with Panamanian officials to provoke a revolution in Panama. Very shortly Panama becomes an independent nation, and the canal was already in progress. A year later, President Roosevelt involves as an intermediary to do settlement between Russia and Japan. President succeed in bringing both nations to the peaceful settlement. He became an international icon and received Nobel Peace Prize for it.

Roosevelt was hated by many people of honor and considered him traitor. But he was still popular among the people and in 1904, he won the Presidency Election successfully and continued his job. In the same year Roosevelt issued the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine which stated the United States is the only protector and guardian of Western Hemisphere.

In 1908, TR decides to step back from the President election even after being so popular among people in the third election. He found the replacement nominee, William Howard Taft his favorite candidate and made sure they continue the trend of succeeding. Taft won the election and Roosevelt starting touring around the Africa and Europe. But he later found that his policies and acts have been disaffected by many of Taft’s policies. Roosevelt and fellow mate ask for help but soon their friendship turns into hatred for each other.

For the next election in 1912, Taft and Roosevelt split the Republican Party. Roosevelt decides to run in the race of Presidency election and form the new progressive party called Bull Moose Party. So now it was a three-way race between TR, Taft, and the Democratic candidate, Woodrow Wilson. And Woodrow Wilson wins the election.

When World War-I broke out, Roosevelt advised to join England and France fight against Germany. But Wilson didn’t accept his proposal and was just sideline from political decisions. He watched helplessly as President Wilson changed many of his progressive reorganizations or claimed them as Democratic activities. An embittered Roosevelt makes Wilson his most hated political enemy. In 1918, when Roosevelt’s son Quentin died in the war while serving in France, Quentin’s death creates a awful emotional and physical effect on Roosevelt. On January 6, 1919, Theodore Roosevelt dies in his sleep.

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