Themes And Conflicts In The Raven, Eleonora And Annabel Lee

July 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

Is what Edgar Allen Poe claims realistic or is it just something invented by him to startle the reader? For instance, Edgar Allen Poe’s frequent main themes are nature, emotion, and individualism which makes his short stories even more interesting to me. In most stories and poetries, Poe uses death, regret, and lost love as his themes which shows madness.

Edgar Allen Poe’s most well-known piece of work is his poem named, “The Raven.” In the following poem, the theme illustrates negativity and depression. The narrator was always alone in darkness according to the poem. “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before; But the silence was unbroken, and the stillness gave no token.” I used this quote as an example because it proves the fact that the narrator was always alone while in depression. Overall, “The Raven” was about a narrator who fell in depression after his beloved named Lenore left him, and a raven is used many times in the poem to symbolize his lost.

In “Eleanora,” Edgar Allan Poe illustrates the theme of moving on through the characters of Eleanora and the man. After Eleanor’s death, the colors and creatures of the land fade away, as does his happiness. Whether it takes days, months, or years there is always a point in time you have to move on. “But the void within my heart refused, even thus, to be filled. I longed for the love which had before filled it to overflowing. At length the valley pained me through its memories of Eleonora, and I left it forever for the vanities and the turbulent triumphs of the world.” This quote connects to the topic sentence by explaining his pain after Eleanora’s death which makes him want to move on, so he’ll stop feeling that pain every time memories get to him. In conclusion, Edgar Allen Poe is a very sentimental and caring person that has gone through a lot according to his short stories and poems. Poe uses strong words to explain exactly the pain he feels in “Eleanora” after her death.

Last but not least, there is “Annabel Lee,” which is also another well-known, emotional poem from Poe. The following quote will prove the fact that love is real, but it doesn’t last forever. “But our love it was stronger by far than the love, Of those who were older than we, Of many far wiser than we, And neither the angels in Heaven above Nor the demons down under the sea, Can ever dissever my soul from the soul, Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.” It was an emotional poem because their love was very strong and real, but his wife died unexpectedly. To sum up, the following theme of lost love, and madness is also related to this poem, but also it demonstrates a true love story.

In other words, Edgar Allen Poe’s stories and poems were all very emotional and described madness in different ways.


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