Theme of Selfishness in Frankenstein

May 10, 2021 by Essay Writer

The novel “Frankenstein” is a novel written by Mary W. Shelley in the 1800’s. “Frankenstein” is a Novel about a Dr., Dr. Victor Frankenstein who is affected heavily by his mother’s death. Victor’s mother passed away as she was giving birth to him; his mother’s death devastated him to the point where he became obsessed with resurrection of the dead, which eventually ended up with only bad results, Since he created a creature that he neglected and mistreated, which made him filled with anger and revenge towards his creator victor…. It all just turned bad for Victor, he ended up losing the people that meant the most to his life, from friends to family and even ended up losing his soon to be wife to his own creation. Victor’s creation was looked at as a monster to whoever came face to face with it. All of the dislike and neglection that the creature received from everyone ended up actually turning him into a monster and made him make decisions that a “monster” would make.

Victor’s creation Creature also known as “monster” didn’t always have revenge and hate on his mind from, but from everything that he experienced from as soon as he came to life, His creator/what is supposed to be his father figure just left him to die and to live on his own/abandon him to all of the bad treatment that he received from other humans just took him to his breaking point and led him to as far away as possible from who he really was which was a kind hearted creature who just wanted love and people to love. But unlike his creation, Victor didn’t really change much throughout the novel, he was pretty still the same old scaredy cat and selfish Victor that he was at the beginning of the novel. Victor didn’t really learn anything throughout the novel because his selfishness was still there, and if it wasn’t there than maybe he could have prevented some of the death’s of his loved ones. In the beginning of the novel readers can get the impression that Victor isn’t responsible because of the fact that he doesn’t think of possible outcomes of his action, which again just shows his selfishness. 

One example of Victor’s Selfishness being displayed is when after reading Elizabeth’s letter in chapter 22, he immediately remembers what Monster told him “This letter replied in my memory what I had before forgotten, the threat of the fiend ‘I will be with you on your wedding night!’ Such is my sentence, and on that night would the demon employ every art to ruin me and tear me from the glimpse of happiness which promised partly to console my suffering. The way that Victor is viewed in the beginning of the novel is pretty much the same way that he viewed at the end. Victor doesn’t change in the way that he just like the beginning of the novel he continues to make decisions that he for some reason he only thinks affects him again just showing continued signs of selfishness. An example of Victor showing his selfishness is when he is talking to Walton at the end of the novel and he is say’s “Think not, Walton, that in the last moments of me existing, I feel that burning hatred and ardent desire of revenge that I once expressed, but I feel myself justified in desiring the monster’s death. 

During these last days I have been occupied in examining my past conduct, nor do I find it blameable. In a fit as in me lay. His happiness and well being. This is my duty, but there was still this promount to this. My duties towards my fellow creatures had greater claims because they included a greater portion of happiness or misery”, that is showing that he has learned absolutely nothing from everything that he has just experienced, Victor is in the wrong for not having any regrets for his action. Because of his actions not only have people that he was connected to were affected but also other people who he has never had any interaction with have been affected, his loved ones and the people who were affected by his actions could have still been living their life if it wasn’t for Victor’s selfishness, so the fact that he has zero regrets for his actions is absurd and disgraceful. Even though Victor’s own actions have completely ruined his life it is evident that he has sadly still not learned anything. 


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